torsdag, september 18, 2008

Some old catwalk pictures

Right now I am soo looking forward to the weekend, I am just going to relax, eat gooood food and watch some movies! Jippiii! The math test is finally over, so now I have time to do other things. Like blogging!

I looked through my computer today,
and found some old pictures that I have collected from sites I don't remember. Models with nice clothes, who I am willing to share with you. I am such a generous person!
Who do not want that jacket! I love the blue colour, it could light up everyone's day!
It looks like a dream, a very good dream! The layers in that dress is just amazing!

Tasty candy if you ask me.

3 kommentarer:

Vigdis Andrea sa...

Å så fine kjoler! :D
Likte spesielt godt den hvor modellen har en ridehjelm på seg. Ser så behagelig ut<3
Åsså likte jeg outfiten til hun med brillene. Litt sånn geeky style. Me like!

A.Wookie sa...

The third dress was dreamy! Likte godt fargene som ble brukt.

Kari sa...

The blue coat; WOW!
I kinda linked your blog =)