tirsdag, oktober 07, 2008


Because my camera has been a little tricky, I haven't been able to post any pictures. But that will change, at least for today!
My boyfriend came late on Sunday and surprised me with jelly and fruitsalad! I was asleep at first but when I saw him(and the food) I was awake before you could say My little pony! Weee! Yeah, I know I'm cheap. But if you got food for me I'm your friend, or in this case, boyfriend.

And I have cut my hair!
My new hair

5 kommentarer:

A.Wookie sa...

Awwweee, fruitcocktail is the best. Well, actually fruit it selves is freakin good^^
You fit your new haircut very very well!:)

Silje sa...

I now it's so gooood!=)=)
Well thank you very much!=)=)

Renate sa...

Hvor er cardiganen din fra? Den var fin :)

Silje sa...

Takk skal du ha!=) Jeg vet ikke, jeg fikk den i gave.

Mamma sa...

Hersnes onge det e mi dyne du bruker:)
Knuuur du ha sekkert søla gele pån også sant ja.
Mamma :):)