søndag, desember 14, 2008

Ginger snaps and Christmas songs

Today my family, my boyfriend and I have baked ginger snap and listened to Christmas songs. It has been fun. I really feel that Christmas is coming. I have also studied for my term test in math and that haven't been all fun, but it is over on Monday. After that I can almost begin my vacation. And now I am jumping to bed. Good night!

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Matt Rowley sa...


Mathea sa...

Aj aj aj! Maks julestemning!

Anonym sa...

nom nom nom<3

It's Aggy bitch! sa...

så artig :D! det er fuuun og lage pepperkaker :)

simply.steph sa...

booo math. but on the bright side your dress is terribly adorable. and the cookies look simply scrumptious

Aisha sa...

My sister and I make cookies sometimes :)

Silje sa...

Matt Rowley: =)=)
Mathea: Jau jau!=D
Amie: NAM!!
It's Aggy bitch: Veit, det er så koselig!=)=)
Simply.steph:Yes, and thank you very much. It's so niceto be given nice comments!=)<3
Aisha: It is so fun!<3

withasianstereotypes sa...

you really are cute! Yum, I want some cookies haha.

mwah♥ o.~, China L.