mandag, desember 22, 2008

Some inspiration for the people

That stone washed jumpsuit is amazing, me want bad!
Haha, I have read that book. But still, a cool t-shirt.

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Aisha sa...

I like the last sweater very much

marie sa...


Anette sa...

Goosebumps skjorta <3
haha, husker jeg elska de bøkene helt sykt mye.

Ula sa...

the last sweater is awesome!:)

ingunn sa...

bilde nr 2: love it!

It's Aggy bitch! sa...

masse digge bilder!

Linnéa sa...

YEY!! trenger litt innsp. etter juleaften ;P Fete bilder ><

withasianstereotypes sa...

I love the first girls hair it's so pretty and brilliant.

Happy holiday♥ o.~, China L.

Silje sa...

Aisha: I know, it is cool and colourful!
Anette: Jeg også, hehe artig det!=D
Ula: I know! Colours is nice.
Ingunn: Yes it is!=D
It's Aggy bitch: Thanks!
Linnea: Haha, glad to give it to you, enjoy!
Withasiansteriotypes: I know, red hair and stonewashed jeans!=)<3 Happy Holiday!=)

Eira sa...

åh, jeg vil ha en goosebumps t-skjorte!