mandag, januar 26, 2009

Ice cream

I just love this ice cream, and it has finally come to Norway! It's a little expensive, but it's worth it, I promise.
In a while back, my class and I were on a field trip. It was cold, -10*C. But that did not stop my friend Vigdis Andrea and I to buy some ice cream. Ben&Jerry's Vanilla Toffiee Crunch,JAMJAM! We used an whole hour on it and it was freezing, but worth it. The only bad thing was that Vigdis Andrea got a cold afterwards, hehe.

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Ula sa...

I love ben and jerry's! there's no better icecream then b&j:). But I haven't try this taste:)

A.Wookie sa...

Ben And Jerry's<3

Rosanna sa...

this sounds sooo good! i wish we had ben and jerry's


Marta sa...

jeg har aldri smakt det jeg..! men alle spiser liksom den isen, og jeg liker ikke å være en del av "alle", høhø. :)

HoneyBunny sa...

I love ben and jerry's:D it's definitely worth buying even if it's a bit more expensive than the others:)) :*

Dooder City sa...

I love ice cream. Ben and Jerry's makes this flavor called Phish food and it is so amazing.

Caroline sa...

Ben and Jerrys er fantastisk godt! Jeg tror ikke jeg er alene om den meningen, for hver gang jeg skal kjøpe en på 7/11 er de bortimot utsolgt! :-(

Anonym sa...

Nom nom!

Matt Rowley sa...

mmmh.. ben&jerry's!

ingunn sa...

heftig is!

Vigdis Andrea sa...
Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.
Vigdis Andrea sa...

Totally worth getting sick<3 I just love that ice cream, and I would do it over and over again. But I would have to try the other flavours as well. (eventhough the enormous bits of chocolate was extremly good).

hihi, when I think of chocolate I can only think of chocolate pancakes with bits of melted chocolate inside, and on chocolate sauce as the topping <3

It's Aggy bitch! sa...

Ben&Jerrys <3

Mia sa...

Ååå Nam!! Cravings!!

Sjekk ut bloggen vår!

closeup sa...

loove ice cream too :)
thanks for commenting (aren't they great? I love topshop!)

Silje sa...

I know guys, it's so freaking good!=D
Especially this one, BIG bits of chocolate in it!

Ula: You have to try this on!=D
Rosanna: It will come to you to!=)
Marta: Da går du glipp av noe stort, hehe!=P
HoneyBunny: Definitely!
Dooder City: I will try that on!=)
Caroline: Hehe, det er ikke så rart, den er diggbar!=D
Amie & Matt Rowley: Nommmmm!=D
Ingun: Heftig, med stor H!=D
Vigdis Andrea: We'll just have to take another trip into town again!=D Me must have a weekend were we get high on chocolate pancakes!!
It's Aggy bitch: <3
Mia: Det skal jeg gjøre!=)=)
Closeup: Very! Topshop!<3

Julie/Bobeep sa...

Ben and Jerry´s are quite possibly the best thing that has happened to this country ;D