onsdag, januar 28, 2009

Not acording to the plan...

So the plan was to post some pictures that I have taken myself, but that didn't happen. My camera won't cooperate with me. So instead I am posting some funny picture of miss Aggy. I get in a good mood by looking at them, and they are kind of inspiriting. What do you guys think of her?
I will try to get to an agreement with my camera and then post some picture, we'll see. I have a feeling it will happen on Friday. It all depends on the camera.
And one more thing..I have tons, TONS of schoolwork to do!

Good night, "so long and thanks for all the fish!"

6 kommentarer:

Rosanna sa...

cute shirt!!!


A.Wookie sa...

Agyness is hot! Love the hair

Vigdis Andrea sa...

Douglas Adams<3 Dolphins are the second smartest animals on earth, after the mice:D

Hihi, Agyness Deyn is so cool, and she has a very beautiful voice;)

Marta sa...

agyness er hot! jeg har fått litt taket på det the secret ja. Jeg forstår jo tanken, men den er ikke akkurat en lettlest roman, men ganskje enkelt skrevet fordet. Men det virker nesten for godt til å være sant!:)

It's Aggy bitch! sa...

tøffe bilder!

Silje sa...

Rosanna: Thanks girl!=D
A.Wookie: I know, very shiny.
Vigdis Andrea: Hehe, you got it!=D "Who."
Marta: Jeg vet, nesten for godt til å være sant. Men utrolig hvor mye lettere livet blir hvis man får taket på det.
It's Aggy bitch: Thanks!=)