søndag, januar 18, 2009

A really nice day

I invited my boyfriend to a date today. I cleaned the house, made dinner and lit candles. We ate, watched American Beauty and talked about all, and nothing. It was super nice! Now we are just enjoying life. It's soo good to just relax, enjoy the moment, not think about anything, and really appreciate life. It is one of those moments you know...
I hope your life is not passing by you, without you noticing it. It would be a shame because, despite all the bad things that can happen, it's really beautiful.

What are you guys doing tonight? I hope you all are well.

4 kommentarer:

Dooder City sa...

hey, I just came across your blog! It sounds like such a great evening! It is so cold in NYC that I am staying in and watching movies.

Mel sa...

wow that sounds so sweet!! hope it was awesome xx

closeup sa...

American Beauty is such a nice movie! Thanks for commenting!

Severn sa...

i had a similar night but at the boy's house instead of mine, and instead of american beauty we watched hitchcock's rear window.

i like your blog!