onsdag, februar 25, 2009

3 blogs I recommend

Since there is so many good bloggers out there, and it is hard to choose, but I will try to give you three blogs I recommend.

Weight Of The World
This blog is written in Norwegian and it is great! If you can't read Norwegian you should take a look anyway, lots of nice pictures. The girl, Christine, writes about her daily life and always buts a dash of humor to the posts. Her pictures has good quality, she writes good and her video blogs are just too cute. Check her out!
Hippie Hippie Milkshake
Another Norwegian blog, but this one writes in English. This girl has a great sense of style! Her style is very grunge/rock, and we all love that. She works for a Norwegian fashion magazine called TOPP. She blogs mostly about fashion and gives us often tips about vintage stores and DIY projects.
She knows how to put outfits together, very good!
An Ode To Procrastination
She blogs about fashion and is a girl from the big city, NY. She dressed very cute and take mostly outfit pictures. She answers all the people who comment on her blog, and is very good with the communication. From what I can tell she seem like a cute girl who shows her "cuteness" trough her clothes, and she does it good.

17 kommentarer:

Ine sa...

Hei! Anbefaler deg å sjekke ut jakandjil.com og thecherryblossomgirl.com :) de har kjempefine blogger! og så kan du jo ta turen innom min om du vil!

Hippie, hippie - milkshake sa...

å silje.. du er så søt.. Tusen tusen takk for anbefaling og skryt- og fordi du er en trofast blogg-leser:)

ingunn sa...

christine sin er fanatstisk. Søtere jente tror jeg ikke man finner

closeup sa...

thanks for recommending :) these blogs are truely adorable!!

Amalie her sa...

utrolig bra blogger du anbefaler :-D

Linnéa sa...

så klart ;D
Har allerede linket deg ;)

Matt Rowley sa...

ooh yeah they're cool!

It's Aggy bitch! sa...

digger C sin blogg!

ess elsie. sa...

Silje, you are entirely too sweet to me! Thank you so much!

Eeli sa...

YAY! What a good rudown of your fav blogs.

Ess is my FAVOURITE one (but i may be slightly biased) lol.

She is such a fun wee chicka! heehee

yiqin; sa...

Yay new blogs to read! :D

Julie/Bobeep sa...

cecekaa vinner :D

AlexandraE sa...

Du er så herlig!

Silje sa...

Ine: Det skal jeg gjøre vettu, din også!=)
Hippie Hippie Milkshake: Hehe, takk!=D Det er sant vettu!=)
Ingunn: Jeg vet, hun er et skikkelig sjarmtroll!=)
Closeup: Your welcome girls!=D
Amalie her: Takk, ja de er kjempe brae!=)
Linnea: Kult, samme her!=)
Matt Rowley: I know, star reading!=)
It's Aggy Bitch: Me too!=D
Ess Elsie: No problem, you deserve to get noticed!=D
Eeli: Thanks! Yeah, she seem like a really nice girl with a nice sense of style!=)
Yiqin: Start reading!=D=D
Julie/Bobeep: Mulig det ja, sjarmtroll!=D
AlexandraE : Hehe, takker! Du er ikke så lite herlig du heller!=)=)

Anonym sa...

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Anonym sa...

Les hele bloggen, ganske bra

Anonym sa...

hvorfor ikke:)