lørdag, februar 28, 2009

Doughnut French Toast

After I blogged about food making, some of you asked for recipes on the Doughnut French Toast. I will of course share this with you, because the food gives you enormous pleasure and makes, me at least, very happy! So here it goes.

You need:
-2 eggs
-3 table spoons of milk
-Vanilla sugar
-Strawberry jam

Crack to eggs up in a bowl, put three tablespoons of milk and as much vanilla sugar as you want, and whip the whole thing together. The vanilla sugar makes it taste more like a doughnut, it's delicious! Then you cut up as many peaces of bread that you want, and lay it in the bowl of vanilla sugar, milk and eggs, and just let it soak into the bread. Afterward you just fry it in the pan.
In the end you dip the fried bread in sugar and pour some strawberry jam over it.

This is a very easy dish to make, and it hides a big amount of great pleasure. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or maybe when you need a little extra comfort.

8 kommentarer:

Charmaine sa...

Omg. That looks amaaazing.

Connie Hsiu sa...

oh thank you, youre too sweet!!

emilie m sa...

I will surely try that out! :D

emilie m sa...

I will surely try that out! :D

closeup sa...

uuuh yummy :)

Mia sa...

Det der er så godt! Mhm det skal jeg lage nå, kom nettopp hjem fra jobb, så føler jeg fortjener det! :)

Silje sa...

Charmaine: Hehe, thanks! And it is!=D
Connie Hsiu: No problem girl!=)
Emilie M: You really must, it is delicious!
Closeup: YUM!=D
Mia: Det er bra at du setter pris på deg selv!=)

net sa...

looks sooo good!