fredag, februar 20, 2009

Yesterday and today

Yesterday I cut my hair and dyed it. I think it looks really good, and I think it will stay this way for a while.
Another thing that happen was that my boyfriend and I, walked home to me today. I walked 2km in my pajamas. I must have looked so funny! But all that mattered was the level of "comfyness".
I have now eaten Doughnut French Toast from Nigella Lawson's recipe. She is a GOD!!
As that was not enough, my boyfriend and I will now make French Croissants.
I LOVE eating!!

10 kommentarer:

It's Aggy bitch! sa...

digger håret ditt :D

ess elsie. sa...

I'm liking the new hair! Also, DOUGHNUT FRENCH TOAST?! Seriously, recipe, now.

karianne M sa...

fine bilder av deg :)

Hippie, hippie - milkshake sa...

så kul du ble! veldig bra frisyre.
nam nam.. ble sulten jeg nå.

Later that day sa...


Connie Hsiu sa...

oh it looks great!!!

i love your blog :)

AlexandraE sa...

Kjempe søt blogg du har !

Jeg legger gjenre deg til på bloglovin viss du vil legge meg til?:)

closeup sa...

Ooooh, that looks so yummy!

Charmaine sa...

aww your haircut looks SOOO good on you! sounds like you guys are very comfortable with each other :)

Silje sa...

It's Aggy bitch: Hehe, takker!=D
Ess Elsie: Thank you! I will post the recipe when the weekend comes.
Karianne M: Takker!=)
Hippie Hippie Milkshake: Takk skal du ha, liker den godt selv! Hehe, det kommer oppskrift til helga!=D
Later that day: Takk=)
Connie Hsiu: Thank you very much. Especially when you say my blog is great, it is so lovely to hear!=D
AlexandreE: Takk skal du ha!=) Jeg har litt dårlig tid for tiden, så jeg skal skjekke ut bloggen din når helgen kommer. Hvem vet, kanskje jeg legger deg til!=)=)
Closeup: I does, and it taste the way it looks!=D
Charmaine: Thank you girl, nice to hear! Hehe, yeah, that's not a problem. We know each other so well!=)