fredag, mars 20, 2009

And it was all yellow...

This outfit is a little goth inspired, with a touch of yellow. The skirt is actually not a high waist skirt, I just pulled it up to my stomach and wraped my t-shirt in it. And it has laces all over, I just love laces!
Since almost the whole outfit is black, I wanted to spice it up with some colour. Then this short, mustard yellow, 50s inspired cardigan got in handy. The jacket is very sweet with the yellow colour and the big yellow buttons. (Sorry for bad picture quality, but I did not have my camera at the time.)

For the rest of they day I think I will go on treasure hunt trip through my closet. That's always fun! Looking through it and finding things you forgotten you had, and then coming up with brand new ideas. Love it! Later this evening I will just relax and to things I like. I think I will make myself some good food and search the internet for some inspiration...

Have a nice Friday everyone!

12 kommentarer:

Penelope sa...

LOVE your skirt!! It's so cute!! And that yellow cardi is just so wonderful!:D

And thanks for your comment! Really appreciated it!:D

Regine sa...


Så fine bilder - elsker cardiganen din, fin farge.. fint outfit :)
Ha ein koselig fredagskveld!

Charmaine sa...

in love with that skirtt and the colour!

Monkey sa...

Fin cardigan og søtt antrekk. God helg!

Austere sa...

Love that skirt. Happy Friday to you as well.!

hanna sa...

mustard yellow is a hard color to pull off but you do it wonderfully :D

Anonym sa...

Digga cardigan! Er den fra Ellos ? :D

God helg! :D

Regine sa...

hehe takk:)

Planer for kvelden?
eg skal bare ligge inne og lese til prøve og se film.. :) Ha ein fin kveld!

Emz sa...

Very cute outfit I love your skirt!

Silje sa...

Penelope: Thanks hon!=) Oh, it is always nice to visit your blog!=)
Regine: Takk!=) Utrolig komfortabelt å ha på også!=)
Charmaine: Me too girl!=D
Monkey: Takk!
Austere: Thank you. So do I!=D
Hanna: Thank you! That is so nice to hear. But when you do you get a wonderful 50s feeling!=D
Marterenee: Takk!=) Nei det er den nok ikke. Den er fra H&M!=)
Regine: I natt skal jeg bare se litt film og kose meg. Har lest litt til prøve selg faktisk!=P
Emz: Thank you!=)

Dvergpingvin sa...

Vi er skjørt-søstre! Eller.. vi har samme skjørt. x)

Silje sa...

Dvergpingvin: Hehe, du har stilig smak da!=P