søndag, mars 22, 2009

Big Horn Steak House!!

Today I have eaten a lot, a lot even for me! My boyfriend, his family and I went into the city today to have a really big and deliciouse dinner. We went to a steak house, and we ate beef...deliciouse beef. I ordered a 300g sirloin with creamed potatos and grilled maize. It was truly wonderful. The meat just mealted on my tongue... For dessert I ordered warm apple pie with vanilla icegream.
So as you can see, it has been a wonderful day today.

This is what I wore today. I am almost in love with my secondhand leather vest. It is so incredible cool and kinda 80s. I need to get more leather looking things, it is way to cool. My mint green sparkeling t-shirt dress. A strange combination really, but I like it!

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withasianstereotypes sa...

You are so fricken gorgeous baby! I love the hair and the outfit and of course the food! I'm so hungry now haha.

love, China L.

Marta sa...

Hot vest:) !

Ine sa...

SV: Har ikke tenkt på at kanskje det hadde vært en god idé å legge intervjuet ut på bloggen! Det kan jeg jo selvfølgelig gjøre dersom det blir lagt ut på nett!

closeup sa...

Yummy yummy... The outfit is great, the leather vest is very Kate Moss style...

Later that day sa...

how cute comment on my blog dear:) nydelig vest! love it!

Anonym sa...

Aaaah! That sounds really delicious. I'm so gonna try that sometime.
Oh, and the pictures look really cool. I like the 80s clothing mixtured with sort of a 1800s or somewhat librarian style. Love it!

Regine sa...

Åh! Eg elsker maten på big horn!!! no blei eg sulten!! :D eg orker aldri dessert eg..hehe.

Så fin du var, likte vesten din :)

Mathea sa...


Vintage Tea sa...

I love the leather vest

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ess elsie. sa...

strange combination but you pull it off so well!

and omfg, that food looks amazing.

are you a heroes fan too?! (i'm such a heroes junkie, don't even get me started)

Maverick sa...

Oooh, so gorgeous! That outfit is so hot!


A.Wookie sa...

Even though I don't eat meat (just shrimps and fish), Big horn Steakhouse is YummyInTheTummy!
Oh, You made me hungry!

Hippie, hippie - milkshake sa...

fet vest. synes det er veldig kult å kombinere mint med sort, eller andre pasteller.... takk for at du alltid kommer med koselige kommentarer på bloggen min:)

Eeli sa...

Hun, I like your combination toooooooo!!!

That looks so yummy. Man, i wish i wasn't vegan sometimes when i see eome scrumtious pictures...but then i remember no animals are being mained for my pleasure and it makes me feel less thoughtful about that matter lol.

You and I should totally gorge ourselves one day. It would most definately be a feat I'd be into haha

AlexandraE sa...

nam nam nam Kjempe koselig viss du vil være med i konkurransen på bloggen! Du kan vinne mineralsminke:)

Trish sa...

OMG!! So yummy!! :D~

Emz sa...

Oh Yummy! I love the outfit and the bookshelf background is so cool =)

karianne M sa...

kule bilder :)

Laila sa...

Kjempefine bilder! det så kjempe godt t!

Cecilie sa...

Varm eplepai og is- ja takk! :P

HoneyBunny sa...

Great look,, love that vest!
ANd that foods sounds yummy:D

La Couturier sa...

You are gorgeous; I love that vest with the gray tee!

La C.

Austere sa...

Great look. I really like the vest.

friday sa...

kule bilder!
du har kul stil;)

Silje sa...

Withasianstereotypes: I wondered when you would come back. Great to have you back!=) And thank you for sweet comment. Eat a bite for me too!=P
Marta: Thanks!=D
Ine: Du kan jo eventuelt scanne det vettu, hvis det ikke kommer ut på nett!=)
Closeup: Oh, thank you! Thats a big compliment!=)
Later that day: Your welcome!=) Takk skal du ha!
Meet Vigdis: You really should! But be prepeard, it is a little expensive, but worth it! Thank you.
Regine: Jeg vet, de har den beste maten. Jeg klarte det egnetlig ikke jeg heller, men kunne ikke dy meg!=P Takk skal du ha sweetie!=)
Mathea: It is yummy!=D
Vintage tha: Thank you, and yes I will defintly check out your blog!=)
Ess Elsie: Thank you so much girl!=) Of course I am! who is'nt?=P I love love loooove it! Sylar!!=D
Maverick: Hehe, thank you! I am flattered!=)
A. Wookie: Hehe, yes BigHorn can even make a vegeterian hungry!=D
Hippie Hippie Milkshake: Ja, da får du liksom røft med litt myke romantiske farger. Ingen årsak, trofast følger!=D
Eeli: If I lived outside Norway I think I would be a vegeterian too, couse I have seen how they treat animals. And it makes me very angry and very sad. But here in Norway we don't have much of that. thankfully. We really should, tell me when your in town!=P
AlexandraE: Skal sjekke det ut!=) Du har alltid så mange morsomme konkurranser!=)
Trish: I know!=D
Emz: Hehe, thank you!=) The bookshelf is cool, and stuffed with lots of books!=P
Karianne M: Takk!=)
Laila: Takk skal du ha!=) Jupp, det var kjempe godt også, det skal jeg love deg!=D
Cecilie: Jeg kan spise det når som helst!=D
HoneyBunny: Thank you for fine words, means a lot!=)
La Coutirer: Thank you hon, thats so sweet of you!=)
Austere: Thank you! I do too, hehe!=)
Friday: Takk skal du ha for fine komplemanger!=)