onsdag, mars 25, 2009

Celebration! 100th post!

So this is my 100th blogpost, YEAH! Different things have been written through this periode. Some about clothes, some about poverty and other about food etc. I thought that in this post I will link to the post I think, have been the best ones.
Take a look!

My first post
When I recomend three movies
The needing people in Bangladesh
My ultra cool skirt
Is Coldplay quiting?
Two cool outfits
Funniest commercial ever
One book, one film, one artist
My ripped tights
When my blog changed
Colour me
Which posts did you like, any favorites?
What am I wearing right now?
- My mixed colour routed dress
- My blakc hat from England, which have been used a lot because it is incredible cool
- Black belt with metal rings on it
- Brown tights
- Plastic jewlery

21 kommentarer:

closeup sa...

heeey, congrats! I always enjoy reading your blog. My favourite post is def the one with the durex comercial, but also love all of your outfit posts!

Marta sa...

Gratulerer! Tror du jeg kan du hatten din eller?:P

Rebecca sa...

love the dressxxxx

Julie/Bobeep sa...

love it when you recommend movies, cause we pretty much share taste in that :P
and your outfits are always win^^
congrats on 100!

Mathea sa...

I like urrrr hat, because it's niiiice.

hanna sa...

yay for your 100th post! congrats :D

Charmaine sa...

i looooove your black hat! i've been meaning to get a hat for the longest time!

Austere sa...

Cute dress. Great job on reaching 100- hopefully there will be 100 more!

Victoria-H sa...

the hat IS incredible cool :)

Anonym sa...

Gratulere! :D

Durex reklamen er sykt morsom da!
Men du har mange bra klesposter også, det er noe av det beste! :D

- Digger forresten anrekket ditt, og hatten var rå! :D

Anonym sa...

hurra :D

AlexandraE sa...

Gratulerer søta !:)

Amalie sa...

rå hatt!! :D

Regine sa...

Grttis!! Åh, snatch e ein bra film, såg du hadde anbefalt den! :) Kjempefint dagens outfit også, likte kjolen veldig godt!

svar: Takk!! Eg hadde det kjempekjekt i går, har lagt ut litt bilder:)

La Couturier sa...

Congrats!! =]

La C.

Eeli sa...

CONGRATULATIONS! Man, i always enjoy reading every single post from my friendlies. Its like roving into their world and getting to know them that little bit better haha


MUAH xoxo

karianne M sa...

gratulerer med innlegg nr. 100 :P

Marie sa...

gratttiiizz : D

Appeal to the Eye sa...

I still remember my first 100th post.
nice remembers
well have a look at my blog if you'd like ; )


Much Love
Verena Stefanie

Silje sa...

Closeup: Hehe, yeah I know, that on is funny!=) Thanks for sweet comments!=)
Marta: Hehe, ja kanskje en vakker dag!=P
Rebecca: Thankxx!=D
Julie/Bobeep: Yeah, I have noticed that myself!=) We should so have a movie night one time!=D Thank you for all sweet comments!=)
Mathea: Thank you, I think it is niiiice too!=D
Hanna: Thanks giiirrrl!=D
Charmaine: Thanks! You should look in H&M stores and in vintage stores!=)
Austere: Aw, hopefully it will come a lot more!=)
Victoria-H: Hehe, you think so to, you are not alone I see!=)
Marterenee: Takk for masse skryt!=) Alltid lurt med kondom vettu!=D
Grace: JAA!=D
AlexandraE: Takk sweetie!=)
Amalie: Takker så mycke!=D
Regine: Snatch er diggbar! Så bra at du liker postene mine, det kommer mange fler i fremtiden!=D
La Coutirer: Thanks!
Eeli: Thank you sweetie!!=D I know, I feel the same way!=) I like reading your blog too, you always have such nice picures!=)
Karianne M: Takker!=)
Marie: Taaakk!=)
Appeal to the eye: Thanks, I sure will!=)

Rainbow Factory sa...

I just found your blog, it's really cool. I like how passionated you are about the global problems..

If you like, I'd love it if you would check out my blog.

xoxo Michelle