tirsdag, mars 31, 2009

My vintage sparkeling topp

My new vintage sparkeling topp from Fretex, loveley! It has the perfekt lenght, it is black, blue and has a little white on it...it is amazing.
And I am wearing :
My denim shorts from Topshop
Casio Retro Watch
Lathex tights and
Studded belt.
I love sparkeling sequin and studs!

31 kommentarer:

Julie/Bobeep sa...

You are gorgeous!
and i Love your outfit, brilliant as always :)

Ine sa...

Hot! :)
SV: http://javascript.internet.com/page-details/no-right-click.html

Kristine sa...

den var HOT!

AlexandraEi sa...

Den va kjempe nydelig på søta !;)

La Couturier sa...

You wear it so well! Love how you toned down the sparkles =]

La C.

Charmaine sa...

i loove your vintage top! i'm always looking for one that looks ilke that!!!

Anonym sa...

Herlige bilder! :D
Likte klokka og hele antrekket!

Austere sa...

It wears very well. I like the way you styled it.

Astrid Sofia sa...

nei ikke i dusjen daaa

Toggy sa...

Nydelig topp! Og antrekk!

Enep sa...

wow, you mix it great dear!

Maja sa...


ingunn sa...

looking good! ser ut som en skikkelig dyr designertopp

Eeli sa...

hahaha okay since you were the first to mention it then when i'm done with them YOU can havve them okies!? :O

LOve the top. Why don't the sequins look blue anymore :( hmph

All the best for the remainder of the week!


marie sa...

lovely outfit ; D

Marta sa...

Kjempefint antrekk! :)

Regine sa...

Elsker toppen - kjempefin!!

Takk for lykkeønskning:)

Amalie sa...

Jeg misunner deg den toppen der noe så sinnsykt! me want!! :D

Emz sa...

I love your sequin top! the short+tights are great.

Maverick sa...

Ooh! I love that :) You look fab!

xx. mavi

Hippie, hippie - milkshake sa...

sykt fet.. bra kjøp frøken.. og kul shorts... looking funky

Later that day sa...

digger den klokka. nais!

HoneyBunny sa...

Look amazing on you! So fab! :**

Silje sa...

Julie/Bobeep: Hehe, thank you!=) You are so sweet!=)
Ine: Oh, thanks!=)
Kristine: Takk skal du ha!=D
AlexandraEi: Thanks!=D
La Couturier: Yeah, you don't want to look tacky!=P
Charmaine: Thanks. Just keep searching then, you will find one that is just right for you!=)
Marterenee: Takk skal du ha. Liker de veldig godt selv!=)
Austere: Thanks. It is actually not very difficult to style it!=)
Astrid Sofia: Jupp, i dusjen!=D Diggbart!=P
Toggy: Takk skal du ha!=)=)
Enep: Thanks! I absolutly adore this top!=D
Maja: Ja ikke sant?=D
Ingunn: Hehe, takk!=P Dyr var noe den ikke var i allefall, men utrolig kul!=D
Eeli: We got ourselves a deal!=D The light is a little bad in these pictures..Hope you are great!=)
Marie: Takker så mye!=)
Marta: Takk, syns det er ganske stilig jeg også!=)
Regine: Jupp, me too!
Amalie: Hehe, da er det bare å dra på skattejakt! Der finner du masse fint!=)
Emz: Thanks! And it is very comfortable!=)
Maverick: Thanks!=D
Hippie Hippie Milkshake: Jeg liker funky, litt 80s kanskje!=D
Later that day: Takk, jepp klokka er en favoritt!=D
HoneyBunny: Thanks girl!

Thea sa...

Den toppen var utrolig fin!!!! =)

Silje sa...

Thea: Takk skal du ha!=)

Anonym sa...

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