torsdag, mars 12, 2009

Shades of gray

I have not had the chance to blog for a couple of days because the internet has been down. Quite irritating. But I am back now!
Nothing much has happen lately...the school work is never ending, and the few times I actually have had some free time, I have used it to make delicious food(often from Nigella Lawson). When the weekend comes, I think I will make some recipe posts!
I have just gotten home from school, so there is not much left of the day, but for the rest of the day I will do the following: See Lost, make five different dishes, study for my history test, take a warm shower, and finally go to bed and have some sweet dreams.



-Gray cotton tights
-My short male inspired pants
-My Topshop blouse

15 kommentarer:

Monkey sa...

Kjempesøt topp! Det blir kult med oppskrifter, det er alltid digg :)

Jeg har linket deg nå (:

karenjo sa...

Sv: hm, det var rart du ikke fikk til å høre lyd :s

Later that day sa...

lovely topp

A.Wookie sa...

I'm gonna steel those male-pants! So nice

Dvergpingvin sa...

SV:Jeg har lest Watchmen, jeg. ;D

La Couturier sa...

Love the top! Haha I loved how you added underwear to your list... ;]

La C.

Vigdis Andrea sa...

Shit! I forgot to watch Lost! I could always see it tomorrow.

F*** how I hate school at the moment. I think I'll have to be place in a mental hospital or something soon. I promise I won't go all Germany-guy on you, but I'm tempted to take the rest of the year off:(

It's Aggy bitch! sa...

utrolig søt du er :) kjempe tøft outfit!

annikken sa...

Veldig fint antrekk:)

AlexandraE sa...

Kjempe stillige shorts!

karianne M sa...

kult antrekk! :P

ess elsie. sa...

The blouse is very cute. How I wish that we had Topshop in America!

HoneyBunny sa...

cute~! I love the top<3

closeup sa...

nice pics! I really like the top...

Silje sa...

Monkey: Takk! Ja, det er så koselig å dele det med dere, hehe!=D Samme her!=)
Karenjo: Hmm, jeg vet ikke jeg nei hva som er feil!=P
Later that day: Thanks!
A.Wookie: Hehe, thank you!=D I better hold on to them then!=P
Dvergpingvin: Så bra, da kommer du til å nyte filmen! Tegneserien er ubeskrivelig kul!=D
La Couturier: Hehe! Yeah, underwear is something you got to have...sometimes!=P
Vigdis Andrea: Yeah, I know the feeling all to well! I think Gap year could be the thing for you!=D
It's Aggy Bitch: Hehe, takker for søt kommentar! Kult og komfortabelt i værtfall!=)
Anikken: Takker så mye!=)
AlexandraE: Takk, de er så gode å gå i.
Karianne M: Takk!
Ess Elsie: Thanks! We don't have it here in Norway either. This one I got one time I was in England!=)
I thought America had Topshop, you really don't?
HoneyBunny: Thank you sweetie!=)
Closeup: Thanks and thanks!=D