lørdag, mars 14, 2009

Totally chocolate chip cookies


This is something everyone should have tasted in their life. If you think the ones you get at the supermarket are good, wait until you have tasted these. They are not hard to bake, but you must be prepared to have LOTS of chocolate for this. And before you start reading further, I will just tell you one important thing. No, it is not too much to use half a kilo of chocolate for 12 cookies. It is worth it, believe me! So here it goes.

You need:
- 300g of dark melted chocolate
- 125g of unsalted butter
- 75g soft brown sugar
- 50g sugar
- 150g plain flour
- 30g of coco
- 1ts bicarbonate soda
- 1\2ts salt
- 1 egg
- 200g of dark chocolate chips
- 1ts vanilla sugar

Melt 300g of dark chocolate in a bowl over boiling water first.
Then you go on making the rest of the cookies. Blend the butter and the sugar in a mixer. While that is mixing you can go on to the dry ingredients.
You take the flour, coco, bicarbonate soda and the salt, and blend it in a bowl. This you can do by hand.
By now I think the dark chocolate have melted into a wonderful glossy sea of chocolate. Take it of the own, and let it cool for a couple of seconds.
Pour the vanilla sugar in with the mixed butter and sugar. Now take the melted chocolate, pour it into the mixer with the creamed sugar and butter. Then one cold egg, let it blend. And now you tip in the dry ingredients, and let it blend nicely.
If you though 300g of chocolate was much, you have something good waiting for you. This is the best part. You take the 200g of dark chocolate chips and stir in by hand. It is just pure pleasure to see how the chocolate chips blend with all the other lovely things.
Out of this recipe you get about 12 cookies, if you make them like the size of an ice cream spoon.
175 c for 18 minutes in the own.

And now it is all pure enjoyment!

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Elizabeth sa...

they look scrumptious!

Tariro sa...

im soo gonna try that! Printed and saved. lol

cool blog. visit mine sometime

karianne m sa...

namnamnam!! så godt ut!! :D

Monkey sa...

NAM <3

Anonym sa...

naaam!! nå ble jeg sulten ><

Ine sa...

Cute picture! Og de så kjempegode ut! :D

La Couturier sa...

Thanks for the recipe! They look sooo delicious!

La C.

ingunn sa...

nam nam!

Anonym sa...

ok, i need a cookie now!

AlexandraE sa...

Den så kjempe god ut! jeg har en konkurranse på bloggen :) Gøy viss du vil bli med:)

ringfrid sa...

Veeeeeeery nice! They look soooo good! I'm so happy you can bake them so I can taste them :-)

Hippie, hippie - milkshake sa...

nam nam:))

Maria Stenersen sa...


hanna sa...


Astrid Sofia sa...

poop :(

Penelope sa...

They look sooo good! Aw, I'm hungry now! HAHA! I've been craving for sweet snacks the whole day! Thanks for the recipe!

Maverick sa...

Those look SO delish!! Thanks for the recipe :D

xx. mavi

Christine sa...

ååååh, det skal jeg lage til kjæresten min kommer hjem fra tur/jobb/whatever :)
det så utrolig godt ut!

Connie Hsiu sa...

yum! i miss baking :/

Eeli sa...

Silje my dear. You are looking rather yummy in your brightly coloured attire below! :D

Those cookies also look scrumptious but too bad that I am vegan so no butter or regular chocolate for me sadly :( Is there an alternative for the butter though?

Hope you've been well chicka :)


PS, i disabled that posts comments lol which is why you couldn't reply specifically on it :(

ess elsie. sa...

I wish I could bake. Unfortunately I tend to burn even pasta... cooking's just not my thing.

vildebrus sa...

mmm, de så gode ut!

Silje sa...

Elizabeth: Thanks!=D
Tariro: Hehe, good luck! You have something deliciose ahead. Sure, I will!=)
Karianne M: Hehe, det er det også!=D
Monkey: =D
Linnea: Da er det bare å følge denne oppskriften vettu!=)
Ine: Thanks!=)
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Ingunn: =)
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AlexandraE: Takk!=) Det skal jeg sjekke ut!=)
Ringfrid: I have no problem baking them once more!=D
Hippie Hippie Milkshake: Yummi!=D
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Hanna: =D
Astrid Sofia: Ok, are you calling my deliciouse cookies poop?=P They are soo good!=D
Penelope: Haha, good to hear that you will make some good cookies then!=) Enjoy!=)
Maverick: Trust me they are! And no problem at all!=)
Chrstine: Hehe, takk!=) Da blir han helt sikkert kjempe glad og det blir mange kyss!=D
Connie Hsiu: It's fun. Do something about it girl!
Eeli: You always write such fun and sweet comments, thanks!=) Hmm...I guess you can use oliveoil, it thants ok for you!=) But you eat chocolate right?=O
Oh, that explains it!=P
Ess Elsie: That's a shame...but you can only get better you know!=)
Vildebrus: Hehe, takk!=)

Marie sa...

ow, i want ! :- )