torsdag, mars 19, 2009

A walk through my dreams



- Gray tights. Slightly see through, and very lovely
- Gray long cardigan, soo soft
- And other things like underwar, my watch and such...hopefully...

10 kommentarer:

Julie/Bobeep sa...

love it :)
you're so hot.

kaitlyn sa...

i am in love with those tights. i have grey ones, too. but i can't seem to figure out how to make them work. they look great on you.

Krystal sa...

great photos!

yoooo. sa...

You have a lovely blog!

ingunn sa...

enkelt og fint :)

Anonym sa...

loved ur cardigan!

AlexandraE sa...

stillig shorts!

Silje sa...

Julie/Bobeep: Thanks sweetie!=D
Kaitlyn: I can wear them with almost everything. Skirt, dresses, tops, etc. You just have to try all kinds of things, before you get it right!=)
Krystal: Thank you hon!=)
Yooo: Thank you girl!=)
Ingunn: Takk!=)
Marterenee: Thank you! It is too soft to imagine!=)
AlexandraE: Takker, liker den veldig godt!=)=)

Anonym sa...

that is the coolest looking room i have ever seen! i love paneling like that. tres retro!

Silje sa...

Sara. Hehe, thank you girl!=D