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Animal testing

This is not much to ask of you my dear readers, but please read trough this.

We have all heard about it, and some of us do something about it, and someone do not. The reasons for just ignoring this could be several. It could be that you know too little about it, or it could be that you simply just don't care. But then, let me tell you something about this industry.

Each year hundreds of thousands of innocent animals are suffering, so that we can be a little bit more beautiful. The cruelty humans are preforing on these animals are beyond words.
It is not just make up that is tested on these poor animals. Toothpaste, shampoo, soap, hairproducts etc is also tested on them.
They either test the complete product on the animals or the several different ingrediens. Cute little animals like bunnies, dogs, hamsters etc have to live under terrible conditions, and get tortured every day.
The different methods they use to test the products/ingredienses:
They strap the animal's arms and legs so that they are not able to move. And then they trip the substance into the animal's eyes(often bunnies) to see if they react to it. They often do. Then their eyes swell up, get iritated, get red, and they get an infection. This is extremly painfult for them.

Another method that they use is that they shave the animal's fur away and then they anoint the substanse to their skin. Sometimes they even rasp ut their skin to do the testing. This creates an open wound, which will probably never heal. And the pain for these animals is unbeliveble.

The third method thye use is that they force the animals to either inhale, swollow, or they inject the poison into their body. One way or another that poison is going into their body. Not long after they are left there to die.

And one important thing to remember is that the animals never get painkillers when they are being tested on! When they are not tested on, they are put in small matal cages where they can not move an inch. They can not even sit up strait.
This is animal tortur on it's worst!
And now you may think that this industry do not have any other choice, but let me tell you, they have! The companies that do not test on animals use different methods. You can for exaple use human cells, computer models or testing on volunteers. These are perfectly fine methods. They do not harm anyone, and the products do not cause any difficulties for the users.

If you feel sorry for these animals, then do something about it! You can't go around telling everybody about how awful this is, if you are not doing anything about yourself. You have to start with you!
I do not use any products that are tested on animals. When I really got into this I changed all my products. This may seem like a hard thing to do, but it is really not. You can aford making a few changes for these poor animals. I changed my make up, deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo etc, and it was not a big deal. You can easly find cheap suggestions if that is the thing you are worried about.

To make it all a little easier for you I will link to these pages, and then you can see which products uses animal testing:
These test all their products on animals

These have vague answers to if they test on animals, so we have to asume they test their products on animals

These do not test their products on animales

I hope this was a informative post and that you were inspired to do something about this problem. You do not have to do much for the change, but you do a great deal to the animals!

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Dvergpingvin sa...

Takk! Nå skal jeg lese gjennom listene og kjøpe produkter som ikke har blitt testet på dyr. Har allerede sånn halvveis begynt med dette, utfra å ikke kjøpe produkter jeg vet testes på dyr. Men nå kan jeg få full oversikt. (;

Nina sa...

SV: Tusen takk :D

pigpoopi sa...

fuck! i was so not aware of such brutality. seriously im so shocked right now. of course i´ve heard of these test, but i just couldnt image how cruel this is. showing these photos opended my eyes and cleared my mind not to use such products anymore. thanks a lot.

Kristine sa...

Er så eenig med deg! Jeg blir helt kvalm av dyretesting, særlig når man ser bilder av det :o

Julie/Bobeep sa...

Thanks for the very informative post, Silje. I will definitely have those lists in mind the next time i go shopping for cosmetics. I had some idea about what's going on, but i didn't know that there are such prestigious brands who actually do it.
I do want to help the animals, and i guess one way to do so is to buy ethical products, it is at least a step in the right direction :)

Eeli sa...

Thankyou so much for posting your views on the matter. As bloggers I think we've de-prioritised these important posts for those that appear more 'entertaining' to the masses and fellow blogger friendlies. Sometimes though this is a well needed change. I hope you don't mind that I've linked back to your account from a post I've just placed :)

<3 always

x Eeli

La Couturier sa...

It kills me to read the list & find that a HUGE majority of the most common products nearly everyone uses is on the list where their products are tested on animals. I usually try to avoid them, but sometimes it's near impossible =/

It's so sad.

La C.

alissa sa...

thank you so much for sharing this - i was so surprised by some of the companies on that list. definitely double checking the next time i go shopping.

Victoria-H sa...

Oh totally ! it's kind of nice and relaxing in a way :)
I had a project in school once about how dogs and cats are treated in asia. it was horrible ! kind of like what u just wrote. I'ts aweful !

Anonym sa...

SV: Takk! :D

Ja, dette synes jeg er viktig! Sjekk ut dyrebare.no etterhvert! Er faktisk to i klassen min som driver å jobber med den. En side der man forteller og viser alle negative sider, og alt det forferdelige ved dyretesting! Det var virkelig bra at du skreiv om det!

Trodde nesten jeg var den eneste som var i mot dyretesting, bruker bare sminke som ikke er testet på dyr. Er derfor jeg for det meste bare bruker The Body Shop sine produkter.

¶ MICHELLE.K sa...

This has really opened and widen my eyes definitely. I did not know such thing was happening that was this big and this is such a disgrace. Thank you for posting this, I really think everyone should know whats really happening.


E sa...

nice blog!:)

yiqin; sa...

OMG this post made me really sad. Well done on making us more aware!

Clara sa...

ain ;xx

A.Wookie sa...

This has def. been a helpfull post. I've been aware of the stuff that happens, but never got a real answer on wich prodtucts test and don't test on animals.


Bjørg Kristin sa...

sv: ja, helt enig, alt sliter på håret, men det ser så bra ut :)

Å herreguuud :O bladde fort forbi det innlegget der, orker bare ikke se sånt. Får helt krampe i magen av å tenke på sånt. Forferdelig altså!!!!!

AlexandraEi sa...

æsj æsj æsj det er grusomt!

Penelope sa...

Thanks for such an informative post. It's really hard to imagine animals being treated such a way, for our benefits; and the list of products listed on the website is absolutely shocking!

There are like, a couple of cosmetic brands, and toiletries which I use; which are found on the list! I cant imagine how am I going to feel, as I wash up later on.

Lea sa...

not gonna lie, I didn't even know companies still did this

boycott brands anyone?

Tatiana Nguyen sa...

This is such an informative post! I guess we all knew that animal testing was an issue but it never occurred to me what kind of practises these animals went through!

That's horrible! But, I will definitely be changing my products because of this! It's so sad !

karianne M sa...

uff! fælt.

Duke Nuke Emily sa...

Tampax test on animals? What, they shove a tampon up a rabbit's box?

Limit confused

Marta sa...

uff, det er så ille at jeg blir helt syk. Jeg går alltid rundt med en liste over nei/ja merkene i lommeboken.

Kari sa...

Et veldig fint innlegg! Et innlegg som inspirerer og informerer!

ringfrid sa...

Veldig bra innlegg. All grunn til ettertanke og til å ta noen grep for å spare dyrene for unødig smerte og ubehag. Bytt ut alle produkter fra firmaer som tester på dyr. Det har i alle fall jeg gjort

Yuka sa...

its so sad. i am an animal lover myself, and im so sad and so angry about this. it makes me sick.

Silje sa...

Dvergpingvin: Så bra!=) Synes det er en veldig bra side, og de listene brukes for alle land i verden!=)
Nina: =)
Pigpoopi: Really good to hear! I think people need to know these things, so they can become more aware!=)But the industry is really a sad subject.
Kristine: Det er helt forferdelig. Håper du ble inspirert til å handle bedre produkter!=)
Julie/Bobeep: And the really discusting thing is that all those brads who do it, they have all said that they think it is just fine to use those methods. You could just print out the side and have it with you!=)
Eeli: No problem, the pleasure is on my side!=) Yeah, I agree. I thought that if I had just had the slites ability to influence people to do the right thing, I would deffintly do it. I am very glad you linked me on your blog, so more people can read this!=)=)
La Couturier: Yeah I know, it can be hard. Especially with the cleaning things you need, but it is possible!=)
Alissa: That makes me happy to hear!=) Well done!=)
Victoria-H: I know! The things they do in Asia is just...I have not words.
Marterenee: Den skal jeg definitivt skjekke ut!=) Så bra å høre at det er flere der ut!=) Jeg er også en ivrig tilhenger av The BodyShop!=)
MichelleK: It makes me happy that I can influence people that way!=) Just print it out the next time you go shopping, and then you have no problems!=)
E: Thanks!=D
Yiqin: No problem, the pleasure is mine!=)
Clara: =)
A.Wookie: Good to hear!=) No you can be a shopper with good conscience!=)
Bjørg Kristin: Hmm, kan skjønne det. Men ta i værtfall en titt på listene med de forskjellige merkene!=)
AlexandraEi: Hmm, jeg vet..det er forferdelig.
Penelope: Yeah, it is almost unbelivleble. And they who test's say that they don't think it is nothing wrong with it either. I can imagen the feeling, but in the moring you can maybe go shop for new better ones!=)
Lea: People just have no conscience! I'm aleady doing it, and hope more would!=)
Tatiana Nguyen: It is horrible, I know. And they don't even give them painkillers. It makes me very happy to read that you are going to change your products!=)
Karianne M: Jepp, helt forferdelig!
Duke Nuke Emily: Yeah, that too. It is actually cemicals in those intems too.
Marta: Så bra å høre at det er flere som bryr seg!=)
Kari: Takk for hyggelig kommentar, og bra å høre!=)
Ringfrid: Ja det er sant! Det er så bra at du allrede har gjort en forandring!=)=)
Yuka: I know, you simply just get sick.