søndag, april 12, 2009

Black as night

On Saturday my boyfriend suprised me with an easter egg, it contained lots of candy...Yummi! Later that day my family and I went bowling, and afterwards we went to a resturant and ate lovely food. I was really stuffed that day, hehe. That day was a really great one, I enjoyed it very much.

Today, all I have done is reading my very good book, eaten candy and cut my fringe. Yes I know, a very productive day. But it feels good and I can't close this very good book for even a second, I just get so cought up. But my instinct for food is pretty strong as we speak, so I will just drag myself down to the kitchen for a breaf second, and eat some homemade pizza. Love it!

My outfit today is a little rough, I suppose I can say that. Dressed up in all tight black clothes, with a straight fringe. I like it, I feel solid!


  • Black fake leather tights
  • Black tank top
  • Black shorts
  • Vintage bracelet

35 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Hehe, sounds like one of my usual days, in terms of the non-productive part that is. I have to ask: have you dyed your hair, or is it just the light or a long time no see? It looks good anyway;)

Dvergpingvin sa...

Føler liksom feelingen i innlegget, siden jeg sitter å spiser hjemmelaget pizza selv.

Anonym sa...

Loved ur fringe! ^^
Nice outfit, seems like u had a great easter! :D

Enep sa...

wow, your hair really make me jealous :D love it!

Ine sa...

I like it too!

Fashionology sa...

I love your blog! <3

Victoria-H sa...

hihi thanks dear :P It's superugly- but I sure was happy :)

My parents surpriced me with an easter egg too.. Yummi- indeed :D

Eeli sa...

lol your day was far more productive than mine haha. I've just been dozing in and out of consciousness, made a brief trip outside and took a shower lol. That was it!

I don't see how your outfit is 'rough' monochrome is so hot and in black!? Its DOUBLY so lol.

xoxo Eeli

Yuka sa...

i love an all black outfit.

what is the good book? do share!

Anonym sa...

åå, du har fint hår ^^

pigpoopi sa...

ooh yummy candies. in these days i gaines so much weight because of it. gah =] like ur outift. it looks elegant.

Hippie, hippie - milkshake sa...

pixxa og påskeegg:) yes please!
veldig fin shorts. sort er alltid en hit. Selv får jeg perioder- og akkurat nå er det endel farger inn i bildet... men elsker sort! veldig fin shorts også forresten

Clara sa...

beauty! :D

Anonym sa...

yay for cutting your own fringe! looks great!

Toggy sa...

SV: Det var utrolig pent der. Appropo, det er antrekket ditt også.

AlexandraEi sa...

du var nydelig som alltid!:)

AlexandraEi sa...

du var nydelig som alltid!:)

She's Dressing Up sa...

Your fringe looks great!

Marta sa...

mmm, påskeegg er så digg:)

Regine sa...

Så kjekt å få påskeegg då, digg!!
ah, heimelaga pizza e bare best!!!vi skal spise det no:)

fine bilder!

Ula sa...

I got lots of easter chocolate eggs from my ount;))).

I like your top:)

Paperface sa...

Sounds like you had the perfect day :)

All I did for Easter was my laundry.

La Couturier sa...

Haha I like how you described it as "I feel solid!" =]

I love black ensembles! I haven't been brave enough to try entirely black outfits, but one day, I will =]

La C.

Twobreadsplease sa...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Love your leather look tights. x

Rand sa...

the all black suits u!

Silje sa...

MeetVigdis: Is'nt it just great?=D Now, I have not...people tend to say that...I wonder why?=P
Dvergpingvin: Hehe, sammentreff, digg er det i værtfall!=)
Marterenee: Thank you, and yes I had a wonderful easter!=)
Enep: Thank you darling!=)
Ine: Good!=D
Fashionology: Thanks! Means a lot!=)
Victoria-H: It is always nice with a easter egg!=D
Eeli: What is the vecation for, right?=D
Yuka: Me too!=) The book I am reading is Eclipse!=)
Grace: Åå, takker!=)=)
Pigpoopie: Yep, but you are supose to you know!=) Thank you for saying loveley things!=)
Hippie Hippie Milkshake: Takk skal du ha!=) Jepp, sånn er det til meg også, skifter ganske fort mellom hver ting!=)
Clara: Thanks!;D
Sarah: Yeah, do it all the time!=) Don't need to go to a hairdresser for a little thing like that!=)
Toggy: Yay, takker!=)
AlexandraEi: Takk skal du ha skjønne!=D
She's dressing up: Thanks! Pretty seticfied myself!=)
Marta: Jeg veeet!=D
Regine: Jepp, hjemmelaget pizza og påskeegg. Blir ikke bedre enn det!=D
Ula: Lucky for you! And thanks!=)
Paperface: I did have a great time!=) Hmm, hope you did something else to, or at least found some great clothes you'd miss!=P
La Couturier: Thanks!=) You should, nothing can really go wrong when you dress in black you know!=)
Twobreadsplease: I did!=) And thanks!=)=)
Rand: Thanks girl!=D

It's Aggy bitch! sa...

fine outfits :)!

withasianstereotypes sa...

Baby you're so fit haha. I love your hair as always. Mmmmm I got myself an easter egg yummy. You look great in black!

Kiss, China L.

HoneyBunny sa...

Looking great! ;)

Fashionology sa...

I love this all black look! Black is the best! <3

StianK sa...

herregud så søt du er!!!:-)

Silje sa...

Withasianstereotypes: Thank you, thank you!=D
HoneyBunny: Thanks hon!=)
Fashionology: Yeah, I know..it feels so great on!=)
StianK: Hehe, takk skal du ha!=)

Annie sa...

you look great in all black!


Silje sa...

Annie: Well thank you hon!=)

meppen sa...

du är så vacker!