søndag, april 26, 2009

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Fun to hear that you liked my questions, it was fun answering them too.
This weekend it has been sunny outside all the time, I love it! Really looking forward to the summer now.
Felt like dressing up a little bit today, and I love my screaming red jacket. It is bold and wonderful!

She is wearing:
  • Vanilla coloured top: Topshop
  • Light skirt: Old H&M
  • Red suit jacket: Old B-Young
  • High heels: Secondhand

35 kommentarer:

Charmaine sa...

I want it to be summer SO bad! the h&m skirt looks cute on you :)

Enep sa...

I love your red jacket! :--D

Clara sa...

great! i love it!

Dvergpingvin sa...

I really love your outfit! Specially the top!

Victoria-H sa...

It is, indeed !
How about I challenge you ? ;)

Natalie sa...

Nice outfit! :)

Diane sa...

Gosh, I love your hair. So perfectly tousled.

You look wonderful!

It's Aggy bitch! sa...

omg så digg skjørt!!

Marian sa...

that red jacket is so bold and delish! loving it honey. hope you have a great week ahead.

Juuli sa...

cool outfit!

Trixie La Belle sa...

parapapapa- IM LOVING it :D


Trixie La Belle

dangerussupermarket sa...

love your shirt!

Hippie, hippie - milkshake sa...

så fin du var:) og tusen takk for svaret under. Hyggelig at du følger bloggen min!
klem cee

La Couturier sa...

Cute outfit!

La C.

Anonym sa...

thanks for your comment :) please visit my blog again... i just posted the coolest custom made necklace by leah sakellarides for macaroni club! not only that, but it's being GIVEN AWAY by the designer! the winner will be drawn on thursday, and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment and/or sign up to follow the blog!

Ine sa...

I love the top, real cute!

Monkey sa...

Gikk du sånn ute også? Her regner det i dag :(

HoneyBunny sa...

Cute! That red jacket is so cool!

Nina sa...

SV: Yes I think he is handsome ^^
Love your style, and your taste in music! :D

Sunniva sa...

OH damn oh damn girl!
Du e så hått at du kunne jo ha vært on a boat lizzm! Kjæm hjem en liten tur i neste uke forresten =)

Twobreadsplease sa...

I love the red blazer, so bright! x

karianne M sa...

artig antrekk! :D

A.Wookie sa...


Toggy sa...

Jeg likte den røde jakken. :]

SV: Ja, det er absolutt det jeg ønsker meg.

Anonym sa...

loving the prefectly bold red jacket! great way to brighten up the whole ensemble. lovely, lovely, lovely!


StianK sa...

Fint outfit! Du er søt!:)

Ula sa...

I like this white blouse very much!:)

Yuka sa...

i reeeeaaallly love the shoulders on that shirt!

Frock Around the Clock sa...

Gorgeous jacket! I love the sleeves on your top too! :) x

Marta sa...

Kjempefin hæler:) Perfekt for sommeren nå

Marta sa...

Kjempefin hæler:) Perfekt for sommeren nå

Rand sa...

love the red jacket WOW!

Silje sa...

Charmaine: I know, me too!=D Thanks!=D
Enep: Thank you sweetheart!=D
Clara: Thanks! Me too!=D=D
Dvergpingvin: Thank you!=) And the it has a bonus too, it is comfortable!=D
Vitoria-H: Oh, thanks!=D But I have to wait until the weekend comes, have a lot to do at this moment!=)
Natalie: Thank you hon!=D
Diane: Thank you so much!=) I always get so happy when you guys are giving me such nice comments!=)
It's Aggy Bitch: Hehe, takk!=) Det er digg å gå i også!=)
Marian: Thanks! I love it!=D Hope you too have a lovely time!=)
Juuli: I know, right!=D
Trixie La Belle: So true!=P I should do commerciales!=D
dangeroussupermarket: I do too, and thanks!=D
Hippie Hippie Milkshake: Takk!=) Så klart, jeg er trofast følger!=D
La Couturier: Thanks!=)
Sarah: I have already done it girl!=D
Ine: You think so..I do too. It is really comfrotable too, so soft!=)
Monkey: Hehe, jepp gjorde det!=) Går i skjørt og kjoler om sommeren også jeg, bare med strømpebukse da!=D
HoneyBunny: Yeah I know!=D And it is really not that hard to combine it with other things either. Great!=D
Nina: Yes, he was a beauty!=) Thanks!=) You got the same music taste, cool!=D Plese come with suggestions!=D
Sunniva: Mowhæhææ!=D On a boat, this boat is real!=D Shit, da blir det wild!=D
Twobreadsplease: I know. Almost a little shiny!=D
Karianne M: Takker så mye!=D
A.Wookie: Thanks!=)=)
Toggy: Takk!=) Det er mange som har sagt mye fint om den og det er hyggelig!=)
Emmy: Thaaank you!=D I put's an edge to whatever you are wearing, I tell you!=)
StianK: Takk og takk!=D
Ula: Yeah, me too! The arms are so cute!=D
Yuka: Hehe, mee to!=D I sould sew on something like that on all mu blouses!=D
Frock Around The Clock: Thank you sooo much for sweet comment hon!=)
Marta: Takk!=) Kjempe herlig med høye hæler nå!=)
Rand: Thanks, it is pretty cool if I may say so myself!=D

Vintage Tea sa...

Gorgeous skirt. love the colours

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Jennifer sa...

I love your skirt, it's gorgeous! :) Lovely blog you have here dear!