lørdag, mai 09, 2009

Dance until your feet burns

Been spending the last night at my friend Sunniva's house. It was great. Baking, eating, talking a lot about Lost and dancing. Right now I am listening to Depeche Mode, and afterwards I am goint to just relax, see a movie or just surf the internet.
Hope all of you have a great weekend too!

Blue chinos
White tank top
Gray cardigan


20 kommentarer:

Toggy sa...

SV: Mhm, det er deilig å sove ^^

Jeg liker buksene dine. :]

Enep sa...

your house look so comfy :3

Rand sa...

i like ur pants!

Hanne sa...

kule bukser :)

Hanne sa...

og en skikkelig stilig blogg : ))

alissa sa...

i like nights like that with friends! especially the baking haha - enjoy the rest of your weekend!

La Couturier sa...

Love that shade of blue on you =]

La C.

¶ MICHELLE.K sa...

Yes! dance the night away & I'll come and join you :)

such an adorable picture.


Eeli sa...

I.LOVE.DEPECHE.MODE!! Pretty much loving you too now! haha.

Thanks for your support Silje, it means a whole deal to me :)

Hope you have a good end to this wkend


yiqin; sa...

I love your hair <3 & the cardigan's sweet!

Anonym sa...

fete bukser ;D
sånne vil jeg også ha!!
klem klem Linnéa

Twobreadsplease sa...

I love chinos and baking, yay! x

Austere sa...

Oh, I like the hair and cardigan.

Kari sa...

Har hatt en flott helg! Håper du også har hatt det!! :)

Anonym sa...

sounds like a great weekend! love your slouchy cardigan :-)

Emz sa...

Love your outfit! It looks so comfy. You sound like you had a great night!

Yuka sa...

nice! i love baggy pants. esp paired with a slimming top. i love your haircut too.

Marian sa...

love your bright blue chinos honey! oh and how cool is your post title :o)
muah x

HoneyBunny sa...

Sweet:) Love your cardigan:) :*

Silje sa...

Toggy: Takk, syns de er ganske lekkre selv!=D
Enep: Hehe, thanks sweetie!=D
Rand: Me too!=)
Hanne: Takker så mye! Og for hyggelig skryt. Det betyr utrolig mye når jeg får skryt for bloggen!=)
Alissa: It is great! Especially when you are making good food too!=)
La Couturier: Thanks girl!=)
Michelle: Come on over!=D Hehe, thanks!=)
Eeli: Depeche Mode rules!!
Yiqin: Thanks and thanks!=)=)
Linnea: Er en stund siden jeg kjøpte de, så jeg tror ikke du får tak i de lenger, men du kan jo alltids farge en av dine gamle bukser!;)
Twobreadsplease: The we have something in commmon!=D
Austere: Thanks girl!=)=)
Kari: Så bra!=) Det har jeg også hatt vettu!=)
Emmy: It was too, and thanks by the way!=)
Emz: Comfy clothes is always good, and when you have great food it is only better!=D
Yuka: Great combination I think too!=) Thanks!=)
Marian: Dance dance dance!=) And thanks for sweet comment!=)
HoneyBunny: Thanks sweetie!=)