torsdag, mai 14, 2009

DIY t-shirt

For those of you who are not from Norway, May is a creazy month at school. Lots of mock exams, exams and so on. Today we were told what exams each and everyone was going to have. So now I have a better overview on the school front. On my free time front on the other hand, there is a lot going on. I just have so much to do right now, and it feels like 24 hours is not enough. Spending the time on my friends, myself and my thoughts and lots of other tings. But I try to blog as much as I can.

But lets talk about something more exeting. My new DIY t-shirt! I got the idea from Maria, and got inspired. I really like the edgyness it brings to the rest of the outfit, makes it so much cooler. And the really great thing is that you can almost combine it with everything and that it is easy to make.
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7 kommentarer:

Dvergpingvin sa...

Looking good, girl. ;D

Anonym sa...

i've been feeling the same way. if i had 100 hours in a day it wouldn't be enough! good luck with the rest of your month and remember to take some time out each day for yourself, even if it's just a few minutes ;)

Anonym sa...

småfet :

La Couturier sa...

Oh cute! =] I actually do have a post for petite girls, from a while back =]

La C.

Hippie, hippie - milkshake sa...

den ble superfin:)

Toggy sa...

SV: Ja, det er et søtt bilde. ^^

Silje sa...

Dvergpingvin: Thanks girl!=D
Sarah: I know, it is just so stressfull. Thanks for looking out for me, and yeah I will!=)
Graceisabell: Hmm, okay...
La Couturier: Thanks!=) Oh, really, got to check that out!=D
Hippie Hippie Milkshake: Takker!=D
Toggy: =)