lørdag, mai 16, 2009

Modern Phocahontas

The sun have been shining all day and the weather have been nice. I really am looking forward to the spring break. Today I have cleaned my room, been dancing just for fun, and now I am going to go downstairs to make some delicious wok. Yum! And yeah, I am really in love with my new top. It has nice colourful pearls on it!
What are you guys doing today?

15 kommentarer:

Rebecca sa...

love that tshirt so so much xxx

Julie/Bobeep sa...

sv: takk :D
du kler din kjole kjempebra også^^

Anonym sa...

adorable top! love love love it!

pigpoopi sa...

haha. that shirt looks so cool ^^

yiqin; sa...

I love the fringe details! So adorable!

Marian sa...

Loving that top honey, fun fun fun and so summery!

Yuka sa...

awww its cute, and you look so cute!

Ine sa...

Cute! Elsker Pocahontas :P
Jeg har enda en konkurranse på bloggen, viss du er interessert!

Mari sa...

Answer: Thank you so much :D :D

AlexandraEi sa...

Døds kul topp!;)

Bjørg Kristin sa...

så søøte klær! :D

La Couturier sa...

Cute tee shirt!

La C.

ingunn sa...

modern pocahontas ;)

Austere sa...

Cool top! I like hte fringe, and the beads/pearls at the bottom sdd a nice touch.

Silje sa...

Rebecca: Hehe, me too girl!=D
Julie/Bobeep: Takk!=)
Emmy: I know know know!=D
Pigpoopi: Thanks!=) I like it too. And it got pearls so you just got to love it!=)
Yiqin: Thanks!=) Gives it a little edge!=)
Marian: I'm so looking forward to the summer!=)
Yuka: Hihi, thanks sweetie pie!=)
Ine: Takker!=) Det skal jeg skjekke ut vettu!=)
Mari: =)=)
AlexandraEi: Takk, liker den veldig godt selv!=)
Bjørg Kristin: Thanks!=)
La Couturier: Thank you hon!=)
Ingunn: Haha, det er meg det!=D
Austere: The pearls does it all I think!=)