lørdag, mai 30, 2009

The Sun, a yellow dwarf, is the star at the center of the Solar System

Yet another day with sun and warmth. Right in this moment I am baking a big cheese cake with strawberries on. It is so yummi delicious. Later today I am going to bake a apple cake which I am going to enjoy with cold vanilla ice cream. Looking forward to it!
So you might wonder what I am listing to now, while I am baking. I'll tell you what I am listing to, it's The Cure. Wonderful music if you ask me.
Hope all of you out there are having a great time too!

Since it is almost summer now(almost), I'm wearing my purple/white summer dress. Kinda cute, kinda hippie, kinda cool.

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yiqin; sa...

The lighting in the photo is great :) You are so pretty!

Damsels sa...

weather is very nice today tooo .

veryhippie hence
i love it


Eira sa...

hey, jeg har linka deg nå ;)

Clara sa...

soo cute! :}

Fashionology sa...

Wow these are gorgeous pictures! Love your look! Your on my list! <3

Mimi sa...

the first pic is great.

what a wonderful location

karenjo sa...

Sv: takk for det! åjaa, visste ikke du var trønder jeg :D er du også fra trondheim eller?

så morsomt at du skriver på engelsk, det må være bra trening! og den kjolen var kjempesøt foresten :) óg ja, det med linken ja: jeg linker egentlig ikke til noen, har rett og slett ikke giddet :o men hvis du minner meg på det litt senere så skal jeg få fikset linker !

Hanne sa...

Kjempesøt kjole:) Sender du over litt kake eller? Hørtes veldig godt ut:)

Victoria-H sa...

hihi thank u sweetie :)
oh, those cakes sure sounds good ! Cute dress!

Toggy sa...

SV: Ja, jeg er enig, det minte om sommer. Nå var du også veldig sommerslig her da. :)
Ja, gjerne utveksle linker! :)

Dooder City sa...

I love those photos. Can you send me a piece of cake please?

signe raveendra sa...

du er søt

Jennifer sa...

Sv : Takk :'D haha google for life

Stine Elisabeth sa...

Så søt kjole! :)

Melting Fabric sa...

you are so pretty! that dress is a perfect color for you

i love the lighting- it makes the photos look even cooler!

Melting Fabric sa...

you are so pretty! that dress is a perfect color for you

i love the lighting- it makes the photos look even cooler!

Jennifer sa...

Pretty :)

alissa sa...

oooo i love the cure! i saw them in concert once and fell absolutely in love -especially with the audience members all in eyeliner :)
anyway, if you'd like to send some of that cheesecake over here I'll be ok with that.

kirstyb sa...

Lovely dress. So summary xoxox

Emmy sa...

beautiful shots! you're so adorable! i loooove your dress as well, perfect for prancing about in a meadow :-)

cocorosa sa...

beautiful photos, you look gorgeous:)

Thea sa...

Fine bilder!! :)

Vi har forresten ganske så lik musikksmak ;P

Kos deg i sommervarmen!

Linnéa sa...

Pretty photos <3
The dress are gorgeous!!
I don't have links one my blog right know ><
But I have an idea! we can ask 5 question to each other and post it on our blog :D
Let me know what you think ;)

hugs <3<3

Anonym sa...

love your blog, i found this blog today and i think you have a lot of the same ideas

Marian sa...

what gorgeous photos honey. i love these. i also love your post title.
hope your having a good wknd.
muah x

Enep sa...

beautiful captures! hihi. I love the wind-blows-effect on your hair :--D

HEK sa...

Skjønne bilder!

Yuka sa...

i love your expression and hair in these photos!

Silje sa...

Yiqin: Thanks sweetie!=) I was pretty pleased with how the pictures turned out myself!=)
Damsels: Yeah, we like that!=) Thanks by the way!=)
Eira: Det har jeg også vettu!=)
Clara: Thanks hon!=)
Fashionology: Thank you darling!=) I like the way they turned out, the lighting and all!=) Your on mine too!=)
Mimi: Thanks!=) The nature is very pretty now, everything is green and beautiful!=)
Karenjo: Jeg bor like utenfor Trondheim, Malvik!=) Jepp, det er ganske god trening, artig også!=) Liker språket veldig godt!=) Hehe, takk skal du ha!=) Det skal jeg gjøre vettu, er litt glemsk selv da!=P Du virker som ei veldig koselig jente!=)
Hanne: Takk skal du ha!=) Jepp, kake er sendt i posten vettu!=D
Victoria-H: Thanks!=) Trust me, they are!=D
Toggy: Hehe, jepp jeg er sommerslig hele året rundt jeg!=P Har linket deg også nå!=)
Dooder City: Thanks!=) And yes of course, cake is mailed to you!=D
Signe Reveendra: Hehe, takker!=D
Jennifer: Hehe, ja hva skulle vi ha gjort uten!=P
Stine Elisabeth: Takk skal du ha!=) Luftig og lett!=D
Melting Fabric: You are so sweet darling!=) I think the lighting is the coolest thing in the picture, very pleased of how it turned out!=)
Jennifer: Thanks!=)
Alissa: You are so lucky! That must have been quite an experience!=) And yes, I have already sent some cake to you in the mail!=D
Kirstyb: Thanks!=) Yes, summer is finally coming!=)=)
Emmy: Thanks for sweet comment!=) That is exactly what I am doing these days!=)
Cocorosa: Thanks sweetheart!=)
Thea: Takk skal du ha!=) Å, kult!=D Kom gjerne med tips, jeg er åpen for alt!=) Kos deg videre du også!=)
Linnea: Thanks hon!=) Yes, we could do that!=D
Anonymous: Thanks!=) Cool, I will be sure to check out your blog as well!=)
Marian: Thanks!=) You are actually the first one who mention the title!=) I like it too!=) Hope you are having a splended weekend too!=)
Enep: Thanks!=) Yeah, my hair kinda lives it's own life, hehe!=P
HEK: Takk skjønne!=)
Yuka: Thanks sweetheart!=) I think the photos turned out good too!=)

signe raveendra sa...

du er søt, lliker håret ditt