søndag, juni 21, 2009

The little extra

It always feels nice to take a little extra care of yourself, and your body. So today I took a long shower, scrubed my body, and took a hair treatment. Afterwards I polished my nails, shaved my legs and made a fantastic face mask. Every inch of my body feels so good right now. Sometimes it is nice to take some time of, just to take extra care of yourself, and to feel extra good.
This is the hair treatmen I use, it is wonderful. It makes your hair unbeliveble soft and shiny. If you use this you can say goodbye to tangles. I works for me!
This really does it for my skin. In the face mask I put honey in because it makes the skin soft, while the lemon takes away all the redundant moisture in your skin. Simple and effective.
For my body scrub I just use a scrub glove or sugar mixed with water, and just scrub it over my skin.

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maveri_ck<3 sa...

aw love your glasses. its always nice to just spend an extra 10 minutes in the shower... i can't wait to get home from uni and pamper myself too!

Enep sa...

Nice tips! :D
After taking care of my body I usually feel better in everything I do. T'was great! <3

StianK sa...

oh, du var sexy med briller..;-) RAWR:-D

Ja, lakk og lær er hot! og ikke minst studs..! ;-) Hehe:)

Hanne sa...

Det er deilig med sånne spa-dager der man skjemmer bort seg selv litt ekstra:)

Victoria-H sa...

hihi...yess... you don't have Midsommar, right?

Ruby sa...

Digger brillene dine! :)

Tracey Ellle sa...

body scrub makes really amazing scrubs too.. love ur glasses.. its always good to pamper urself.. love ur blog thanks for stoppin by mine

Vik sa...

I LOVE LOVE your glasses!! are they prescription? I wear prescription glasses all the time have three coloured pairs but really wanna get a pair like these!
much love from Ireland xx

cocorosa sa...

ahhh :) I always like my "spa" days too haha and I always love to take some time and do my nails, you make me want to run to the sephora for some masks and body scrubs :)

Clara sa...

great glasses!!


Zarna sa...

looove that polish!


Damsels sa...

love the nail polish
We Were Damsels

Stine Elisabeth sa...

Det er så deilig med slike dager, trot jeg skal ha en slik selv i dag :)

hugabug sa...

I have been travelin around for a long time, så don't have time to take so good care of my self. Berlin was great. And I have now been i Amsterdam for five days. And I recomend this place too:)

Anonym sa...

Thanks for the tips! cheap and natural ingredients .. cant get any better. now, I am thinking of doing a much needed hair mask for my moisture deprived hair!

Chri sa...

Hørtes deilig ut! Godt med en spa-dag hjemme i blant :)

Penelope sa...

Love your nail polish! And yes; I always feel so good after a mini pampering session:D

Silje sa...

Maveri_ck&It;3: Thanks hon!=) I know, it is wonderful!=) I love spending a good amount of time in the bathroom!=D
Enep: Thanks. Me too, it is great!
StianK: Haha, takker!=D De er ganske kule og sexy. Litt sånn uskyldig sexy, hehe!=P
Hanne: Love it!=)
Victoria-H: No.=)
Ruby: Takk!=) Ganske kule ja!=D
Tracey Ellle: Yeah, but this is cheaper and as good!=) No problem girl!=)
Vik: Hehe, thanks!=D No, they are not. Found them on Ebay, and after a second I was in love, hehe!=D I think big glasses are the coolest thing ever!=D
Cocorosa: Then do it!=D You are going to feel so nice afterwards!=)
Clara: Thanks!;)
Zarna: Thanks!=) I like it too. Blue nail polish is great!=)
Damsels: Thank you sweetie!=)
Stine Elisabeth: Ha det! Det er så deilig!=)
Hugabug: I am going to Berlin in a couple of months, and one time I am going to travle to Amsterdam too!=D
Stdgals: No problem!=D I think these are just as good as the one you get in the store, especially the scrub!=) And if you want it to smell good, just add a little perfum!=)
Chri: Herlig å skjemme seg bort ja!=)
Penelope: Thanks!=) Then we have something in common!=)=)

Jennifer sa...

I LOVE your glasses! Sooo cute!

Silje sa...

Jennifer: Thanks girl!=)

Anonym sa...

Really like your nail color.

Anonym sa...