mandag, juni 01, 2009

Who said food?

Very soon now, I am going to go out in the sun and eat big amounts of barbecue food. My family, my boyfriend and I are having dinner together today, so why not barbecue. I think barbecue is on of the things that really makes summer, summer. That delicious smell, all that tasty food, people spending time together over a good meal, the sun...
But anyway, if you must know, yesterday I baked a big banana bread with chocolate chips in it. Nigella recipe of course. Here is a pictures so that you can enjoy the sight:
And this is me today, lazy days:
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27 kommentarer:

Jennifer sa...

Mmmm I love banana bread! :)

Anonym sa...

Så godt ut :D

Maverick Malone sa...

Yummmm!!! I want some. Sounds amazing.

Hehe, cute bedhead!! lol :P

xox, mavi

Victoria-H sa...

hihi thanks dear :) mmm, that looks soo good :D yummie

Renah sa...

Banana Bread =D

Damsels sa...

sounds like a great time .
its a nice day over here but i got a feeling im gonna be stuck inside . :-(

prettyneons sa...

Please, please, I beg cut me a slice of that stuff...yumtastic.
Have a brill day =)
PeAce & BoWs...
prettyneons x

Hanne sa...

Kaken så innmari god ut:) Grilling er virkelig sommer, vi har også grillet i dag:)

Jennifer sa...

Sv; høhø takk!
ja han er awesome :'D

Toggy sa...

SV: Tusen takk. :) Jeg håper jeg steller godt med dem.

Det ser kjempegodt ut. Namnam.

hugabug sa...

Grilling er sommer:D
Og jeg tipper kaken smaker like godt som den ser ut!

Dvergpingvin sa...

Please mail me a banana bread! ;D

La Couturier sa...

Banana bread is my favorite; but with chocolate chips? Sounds amazing!!

La C.

alissa sa...

mmm that bread looks so good! ive never had it with chocolate chips before, sounds yummy

¶ MICHELLE.K sa...

OMG I just looooveeee lazy days (:
In fact I'm having one today..

Rand sa...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm food!
the first pic of you is v. v. cute!

AlexandraEi sa...

Deilig med sliek dager av og til !;)

Mimi sa...

you're welcome darling

Marta sa...

Med pcen oppi senga ja! Det gjør alltid jeg og

yiqin; sa...

You are so adorable! The bread looks delicious!

Eva. sa...

i love the fact that you have a mirror on top of your bed..

Yuka sa...

yummy! im so hungry now!

GEMima. sa...

Found your blog through lb.
I love it!
You have really unique style(:

A.Wookie sa...

The outfit is VERY VERY cute! Casual and simple...
BTW Could you do me a favor through E-mail?

Silje sa...

Jennifer: Then we have something in common!=D
Graceisabell: Hmm!=)
Maverick Malone: I'll send some in the post!=) Hehe, thanks!=P
Victoria-H: I promise you it is!=D
Renah: =D=D=D
Damsels: Hehe, you gotta get out you know!=)
Prettyneons: I'll be sure to do that honny!=D Have a great day you too!=)
Hanne: Så bra! All bør griller masse!=D
Jennifer: Diggbar!=D
Toggy: Det skal jeg jammen meg love deg at det er også!=)
Hugabug: Griller er deilig, og det er denne kaken også!=) Sender litt over i tankene mine!=P
Dvergpingvin: Shecked!=D
La Couturier: You should really try it out, it's delicious!=D
Alissa: You should try it, it's tasty, really!=D
Michelle.K: We have something in common!=D Every now and then!=)
Rand: YUM! Hehe, thanks hon!=)
AlexandraEi: Ja ikke sant!=)
Mimi: =)
Marta: En klassiker!=D
Yiqin: Thank you!=D It is!=D
Eva: Got to have it you know!=P
Yuka: Then you should bake this bread, and then eat it, baad!=D
GEMima: Aw, thanks you sweetie!=) I will check you out on lb too!=)
A.Wookie: Thanks darling!=) Yes, of course!=) I will contact you!=)

the maisies sa...

yummmmm, banana bread is so so good. and it is nutritious too? hence a health food? some more please!

Silje sa...

The Maisies: Yeah it is yummy for you tummy!=D But I would'nt say it is healty..lots of sugar, hehe!=P But eat as it was your last day!=)