torsdag, juni 04, 2009

You want some you have them!

My bloggerfirend Linnéa and I decided that we would ask each other five guestions, and then post it on the blog. Let's go!

5 favorite artist/bands?

Hard to choose just five, so I just say some that I really like.
Jimi Hendrix
Depeche Mode
Massive Attack
Kaizers Orchestra
5 movies you like?
Sin City
Match Point
Vicky Christina Barcelona
Pulp Fiction
5 favorite peaces of food?
Those who really knows me, know that I am absolutley crazy about food, so this is just going to be some of the dishes that I like.
Home Made Pizza
Cheese Cake
American Breakfast Pancakes
What inspires you?
Everything really! Photos, books, movies, people, clothes, my own head, music, food, drawing etc. Really, it could be everything!
What types of blogs do you think is the best ones? Choose one you like especially.
I like fashion, photagraphy and food blogs best. And I think it is really nice with some personal blogs, but just a few ones. Very often it can be a little too much, and many don't know how to balance it.
I read a lot of blogs, but one of many good ones is Pretty in Leather. She has an uniqe style and seem really cool. Visit her, and get inspired!

27 kommentarer:

Hanne sa...

Gøy med sånne spørsmål og svar, man blir litt bedre "kjent" med bloggeren:)

Toggy sa...

Kaizers! :D

Marta sa...

Kaizers er så KONGE! Jeg kjenner en i bandet, og jeg husker godt når de spilte overalt hele sommern for å bli kjent, og nå er de såå store:)

MONKEY sa...

Digg å lese :) Godteri og pizza, nam <3

Julie/Bobeep sa...

eey, awesome answers!
love pulp fiction and match point :)

Victoria-H sa...

Hhee Thank you ! Yes, I think I want too.. but maybe when I move back to sweden.. it feels like if I live in the sun for a long time it won't stay that way anyway, so.. :P But I like it too

Charmaine sa...

very cool pic! i loove depeche mode too!

AlexandraEi sa...

Kjempe kjekt å bli bedre "kjent" med deg!

Juuli sa...

this was a nic post! and i like so many things that you do (for examlpe movie vicky christina barcelona and american breakfeast pancakes ;)

Regine sa...

Masse bra svar.. elsker musikk og filmsmaken din! og matsmaken,heheh.

Damsels sa...

mmm yummy we love enchiladas!
We Were Damsels
thanks for visiting our blog we really appreciate it

Frock Around the Clock sa...

I really wanted to see Vicky Christina Barcelona but never got round to it! Home made pizza = yummy! :) x

HoneyBunny sa...

Cute idea with these questions!

cocorosa sa...

love the answers and I love pretty in leather too!! the other blog I really really like is le blog the sushi!!

Anonym sa...

hva pleier du å spise igjennom en hel dag? (frokost, mellom, lunch osv)

Anonym sa...

hva pleier du å spise igjennom en hel dag? (frokost, mellom, lunch osv)

Stine Elisabeth sa...

Liker å lese slike spørsmålsinnlegg :)

Zepequeña sa...


Anonym sa...

that shot of the fingers is so cool! i love it. great idea for an interview with your friend as well :-)

Marian sa...

what great answers, i like the bands that you like too
muah x

Austere sa...

You have really nive taste in music.

xs sa...

great questionnaire! mmmm, cheesecake.

the maisies sa...

it is a neverending thing, finding that perfect balance on a blog. i really want to see Vicky Christina Barcelona too.

Silje sa...

Hanne: Helt enig der. Artig å bli kjent!=)
Toggy: En av de beste!=D
Marta: Hehe, jeg VET!=D Heldiggris!=P Jeg har likt de så lenge, de er knall!=D
Monkey: Hehe, det er det jeg må ha for å overleve!=P
Julie/Bobeep: Two awesome movies!=) Match Point is one of my favorites, Woody Allen is a genius!=D
Vicktoria-H: It was very nice!=)
Charmaine: Thanks! And they are great!
AlexandraEi: Hehe, takk skal du ha!=)
Juuli: Hehe, two things I got to have!=) Loveley move, loveley food!=D
Regine: Takk skal du ha!=) Så stilig at vi har samme smak da!=D
Damsels: Yummi!!=D
Frock Around The Clock: You really really should!=) It is one of my favorites, really!=)
HoneyBunny: Yeah, I think so too!=)
Cocorosa: I will be sure to check that out!=)
Anonym: Ganske vanlige ting egentlig. Jeg har et variert kosthold, og spiser akkurat det jeg vil. Manisk sunt kosthold og kontroll er ikke akkurat noe for meg. Frokosten og skolemat er vell brødskive, mens til middag kan det være alt mulig rart!=) Koser meg ofte med kaker og godteri, eller andre hjemmelagde ting!=)
Stine Elisabeth: Så bra!=)
Zepequeña: Thanks!=)
Emmy: I think it's pretty cool too!=D Thansk!=)
Marian: Nice to hear that some other people like that kind of music!=)
Austere: Thanks hon!=)
Xs: Thanks and yes, mmm!=D
The Maisies: I know!=) You sould do that at once! And then tell me what you thought of it!=P

Anonym sa...

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