søndag, november 30, 2008

Love on the rocks with no ice

Today I have:
- Knitted, it's actually very relaxing
- Read in my two thick fashion magazines from England. Lots of inspiration!
- Eaten 2kg of candy, Yam!
- Watched a lot of TV-series
- Had a good time and laughed much
- Tried to learn how to play the guitar
- All this I have done with my boyfriend!

I have had a great day!

fredag, november 28, 2008

For free

I was surfing the net and I found this site. Become a member for free, earn points, and get giftcards from H&M or Gina Tricot. And it is all free. This is nothing I am getting paid to do. I just thought I would share it with you guys, so you have an opportunity to get giftcards for free.


Good night

So I am really tired right now, been surfing the web for four hours. Looking at shoes, clothes, photos and other stuff. Found a lot of nice things, a lot of inspiration.
Tomorrow I have a free day from school, jaaay! I'm going to bed now, with my thick fashion magazines, haha!
Good night!

onsdag, november 26, 2008


So there are rumors going around that 2009 is the last year of Coldplay. This make me very sad. They are one of my favorite band and their music is like magic. When I listen to them, it is like I am in a trance, and I just listen to that beautiful voice, and that awesome music.
Chris Martin said something like this in a interview: "I am 32 and I don't think that musicians should sing/play after the are 33. But we are going to give it all in 2009."
If this is true, it means I will not be able to see them live, and probably cry when they preform...

"The hardest part was letting go not taking part, was the hardest part."

mandag, november 24, 2008

Breath with me

So nothing exiting happend on school today...EXCEPT, that my friends and I had an hour free, and we just had too to something rational. What can you do when you're just studying your ass of all day long? Haha, guess you are pretty exited by now, but you will just have to wait until tomorrow. My camera refuse to cooperate with me.

So here are the exiting pictures of yesterday. For an hour we did nothing except playing hangman a take pictures. Mostly quotes from movies and song that really rocks! So here are pictures from yesterday. Vigdis, Rolf and I.

Me in the morning hours.

Me when I got home from school with a very cold and red nose!

søndag, november 23, 2008

"Sometimes when I get a test on school, I just want to hand it in right away, without anything written on it. Just to see that I still have my own will."

lørdag, november 22, 2008

The warm darkness, oooh.

It's dark outside and a lot of snow. I'm sitting inside reading a very good book and drinking tea. The room is warm, the atmosphere is relaxing and my boyfriend is with me. Life is good!

In a while my boyfriend and I are going to watch some tv-series. We are going to watch it for a long time, until our eyes look like to big squares. Hehe, I love it!

onsdag, november 19, 2008

Todays outfit...

lørdag, november 15, 2008

What's up gangstas

So yesterday our class dressed up for the school photo. We had to choose a theme, at first we decided we could be transvestites, but after a short while the boys started to think what that would be like. We voted again and ended up with gangstars. The kind we see a lot of today. " Yoyo, I'm a gangstha, bitch..yo." No way! So I dresses up like a gangster/mafia from the 30's, much cooler.
So here you can see some people from my class, me, and all the funky outfits.
Who's the coolest?
This one looked really good, though you can't see it in the picture. He had aluminiumfoil as grills in his mouth. We laughed long and hard!=D

fredag, november 14, 2008

Got to love the make up

John Galliano

onsdag, november 12, 2008

November Rain

So I'm kinda bringing the 80s back, and loving it.
High waist jeans, white shirt and Converse. The posts are going to be a little short because of little time, but you'll just have to survive.

I love getting comments from you guys!=)

mandag, november 10, 2008


So the reason I haven't been blogging for a while is...I haven't had anything to write about. So since last time, I have watched The L Word season 3, looking forward to watching more! I have also been working with the schoolwork, only six weeks until the Christmas holiday! Tried to relax and had a good time.

Today I am wearing my boyfriend's t-shirt and a really cool skirt. When I first looked at it I didn't know what to wear with it, but just look what I threw on me. I must say, it looks pretty good.

So what have you guys been up to lately?