tirsdag, april 28, 2009

Animal testing

This is not much to ask of you my dear readers, but please read trough this.

We have all heard about it, and some of us do something about it, and someone do not. The reasons for just ignoring this could be several. It could be that you know too little about it, or it could be that you simply just don't care. But then, let me tell you something about this industry.

Each year hundreds of thousands of innocent animals are suffering, so that we can be a little bit more beautiful. The cruelty humans are preforing on these animals are beyond words.
It is not just make up that is tested on these poor animals. Toothpaste, shampoo, soap, hairproducts etc is also tested on them.
They either test the complete product on the animals or the several different ingrediens. Cute little animals like bunnies, dogs, hamsters etc have to live under terrible conditions, and get tortured every day.
The different methods they use to test the products/ingredienses:
They strap the animal's arms and legs so that they are not able to move. And then they trip the substance into the animal's eyes(often bunnies) to see if they react to it. They often do. Then their eyes swell up, get iritated, get red, and they get an infection. This is extremly painfult for them.

Another method that they use is that they shave the animal's fur away and then they anoint the substanse to their skin. Sometimes they even rasp ut their skin to do the testing. This creates an open wound, which will probably never heal. And the pain for these animals is unbeliveble.

The third method thye use is that they force the animals to either inhale, swollow, or they inject the poison into their body. One way or another that poison is going into their body. Not long after they are left there to die.

And one important thing to remember is that the animals never get painkillers when they are being tested on! When they are not tested on, they are put in small matal cages where they can not move an inch. They can not even sit up strait.
This is animal tortur on it's worst!
And now you may think that this industry do not have any other choice, but let me tell you, they have! The companies that do not test on animals use different methods. You can for exaple use human cells, computer models or testing on volunteers. These are perfectly fine methods. They do not harm anyone, and the products do not cause any difficulties for the users.

If you feel sorry for these animals, then do something about it! You can't go around telling everybody about how awful this is, if you are not doing anything about yourself. You have to start with you!
I do not use any products that are tested on animals. When I really got into this I changed all my products. This may seem like a hard thing to do, but it is really not. You can aford making a few changes for these poor animals. I changed my make up, deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo etc, and it was not a big deal. You can easly find cheap suggestions if that is the thing you are worried about.

To make it all a little easier for you I will link to these pages, and then you can see which products uses animal testing:
These test all their products on animals

These have vague answers to if they test on animals, so we have to asume they test their products on animals

These do not test their products on animales

I hope this was a informative post and that you were inspired to do something about this problem. You do not have to do much for the change, but you do a great deal to the animals!

søndag, april 26, 2009

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Fun to hear that you liked my questions, it was fun answering them too.
This weekend it has been sunny outside all the time, I love it! Really looking forward to the summer now.
Felt like dressing up a little bit today, and I love my screaming red jacket. It is bold and wonderful!

She is wearing:
  • Vanilla coloured top: Topshop
  • Light skirt: Old H&M
  • Red suit jacket: Old B-Young
  • High heels: Secondhand

fredag, april 24, 2009

Here's your answers

The headline says it all, so here we go!
P.S: Finally finished with my math mock exam, yeah.

-How often do you buy new clothes? Not very often sadly. The last time I bought new clothes was about three months ago...Lately I have just found so many new combinations and new inspiration from my wardrobe, so I have not felt the need to go shopping. And I think it is important to think about the enviroment too. How the globe is effected by our consumer lifestyle, that is not good...
-Do you have worst story of buyers regret? No, actually I have not. I spent a great deal of time thinking about this question, but I came up with nothing. I like all my clothes and other stuff. Hehe, sorry.
-Hvor får du inspirasjonen til outfitsa dine fra/Were do you get inspiration from when it comes to clothes? It could really be anything, but mostly from my own strange brain, hehe. I get it from my sorroudings also, books, music, movies, pictures, people etc. I really love getting inspiration, always so exiting.
-Hvor er du fra/Where are you from? I'm from Norway. (Bartebyen, hehe)
-If you could choose, which animal would you like to be? (both fiction and real life) A cat animal, and the funny thing is that people say I look like one. A bird would be nice too, maybe an eagle. Fly away...
-What are you most happy about in your life? That I am sorrounded by people I love, I am healthy, it's soon summer and that my math mock exam was finished today, woopie!
-What's your favourite item? It is very hard to choose just one...I like my posters, my My Little Pony and FOOD! (And lots of other things)
-Why'd you start blogging? I'm not really sure actually...I like to write and take pictures so it seemed convinient. I did not want to write too personal, so why not fashion.
-Hvorfor skriver du engelsk/Why do you write in English? Because I like the language very much and I think it's fun. A bonus is that I can then share my thoughts with more people, and that's always fun.
-Hvilke blogger liker du best/Which blogs do you like the most? Oh, there are so many. Fashiontoast, Hippie Hippie Milkshake, Karlas Closeth, Weight of The World and so many more. They all write very well, I like their pictures, style etc and I get creative inspiration from them.
-Hva liker du aller best å gjøre/What is your favorite thing to do? Dive into a good book and forget about the real life, drawing, all the beautiful music there is in this world, my super boyfriend etc.
-Yndlingsmusikk/Favorite music? I listen to rock mostly, but I like plenty of other stuff too. Some bands I like is Coldplay, Lenny Kravitz, Jimi Hendrix, Massive Attack, Depeche Mode, Oasis, The White Stripes, Kaizers Orchestra, Thomas Dybdahl etc.
-Beste minne/Best memorie? I like all my memories and would not trade them for anything. But I don't know what my very best memory is. Sorry, can't answer that one.
-Hva gjør deg glad/What makes you happy? My boyfriend Rolf!
-How is your name pronounced? Hmm, that's a hard one, hehe. Well I can give it a try. Like it is written I guess, but I can try in a different way. Like "Silye".
-What you weirdest dream is/has been? One time i dreamed that I was an action hero in a computer game. Kicking my way trough, and saving the world. That was pretty weird...but pretty awsome too!
-How tall are you? I'm 5.3 feet/163cm
-What is your favourite post!? I made a post about that not long ago, check it out here. I also like the ones after that, pretty saticfied if I may say so.
-What would be your favorite outfit that is both stylish and comfortable? From my own wardrobe I don't have any favorties beacuse I always come up with new ones. But looked around at Net-a-porter, and found these wonderful dresses. Just imagine how comfortable they would feel on your skin. They could certanly be an option...give me plase!
Marc By Marc Jacobs: Habotai Ruffle-Front Dress

Halston: Blouson Full-Lenght Gown
Zac Posen: Baby Jersey Dress
-If you could meet one fictional character, who would it be? It is hard to choose, but the first person that poped up in my head was The Comedian from Watchmen. He is great!
-Who is your all-time favorite fashion icon? I don't have a fashion icon really. But I sometimes like the style of Alexa Chung, Peaches Geldof, Agyness Deyn etc.
-Who are your top 5 designers? Random order: Burberry, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Henry Holland and Betsey Johnson. But I do NOT like that Burberry and Ralph Lauren tests their cosmetic products on animals! So the clothes from them will be eyecandy I guess.
-Hva slags musikk hører du på/What kind of music do you listen to? I listen to music a LOT, mostly rock. But a lot of other nice stuff too.
-If you could live the life of someone (dead or alive) for a day; who would you choose? I'm not really sure, but I think I would like to be a boy for a day. Then I could pee my name in the snow.
-Hvem og hva er det du setter høyest/Who and what do you apriciate most? The person I apriciate the most is my adoreble bofriend.(yes again, but I really mean it) And to the "what", then it has to be love.
-Hva mener du om Norge i dag/What do you think of Norway today? I think that Norway is a nice place to live and it has a lot of nice people. But almost everything in Norway is expensive if you compare it to other countries.
-What would you prefer to eat on toast. Vegemite or Marmite? (You can only choose one or the other and 'NO' is not an option) I have not tasted either of them before, but I looked it up on Wikipedia and read some about it. I does not sound very good, but I'll have to go with Vegemite.

mandag, april 20, 2009

Busy sunshine

I have a big mock exam in mathematics in a couple of days, so I know you can understand my absence. I have just been practicing for the last few days. It is really crazy at school now...all the tests and mock exams.
But anyway, here's todays outfit. The main key at the moment is comfort.


When the weekend come I will make a post and answer all you questions.
So don't forget to ask a lot of questions! (See below)

lørdag, april 18, 2009

A question is a linguistic expression used to make a request for information!

I thought that today, I would make a post were all you guys out there, could ask me questions. If you wonder about anything, just ask. I will make a post with all the questions and answers later. But in the mean time, just ask about anything!

onsdag, april 15, 2009

I'm on a boat!

I am not a fan of hip hop...hehe, but these guys are just amazing!!

søndag, april 12, 2009

Black as night

On Saturday my boyfriend suprised me with an easter egg, it contained lots of candy...Yummi! Later that day my family and I went bowling, and afterwards we went to a resturant and ate lovely food. I was really stuffed that day, hehe. That day was a really great one, I enjoyed it very much.

Today, all I have done is reading my very good book, eaten candy and cut my fringe. Yes I know, a very productive day. But it feels good and I can't close this very good book for even a second, I just get so cought up. But my instinct for food is pretty strong as we speak, so I will just drag myself down to the kitchen for a breaf second, and eat some homemade pizza. Love it!

My outfit today is a little rough, I suppose I can say that. Dressed up in all tight black clothes, with a straight fringe. I like it, I feel solid!


  • Black fake leather tights
  • Black tank top
  • Black shorts
  • Vintage bracelet

fredag, april 10, 2009

Big Work

Yesteterday I cleaned my whole room, and it was a lot of work! The cleaning and the tiding took me seriously all day. I went trough my closet, all my drawers and yeah, really my whole room. It was fun though. I found things I never knew I still had(treasure hunting), and it turned out very nice when I was done. Which was around five in the moring. So I am a little tired now, as you can understand, but I'll live.

Two people in my family are having a birthday party, so today I will just eat so much cake that I'll blow up or something. I baked a wonderful cheese cake with strawberry and chocolate on top. It is sinfull, I tell you. Maybe I will post a picture of it later today!

Here are some pictures from yesterday, when I cleaned my room:
A very tired me, long day.

tirsdag, april 07, 2009


My boyfriend, my friend Sunniva and I have lived under the same roof for 3 days now. We have watched movies, eaten madly much(we are baking a cake as we speak), doing things involving plastic and lots of other fun stuff. Yeah, I know, it sounds a little weird.
I will write more when I get home, but for now I will give you some inspiring photos, enjoy!


søndag, april 05, 2009

With a touch of blue

Going to my boyfriend's house today. We are just going to relax, eat lots of food(baking is also part of the plan) and watch tons of movies. Yeay!
And I have a big stack of fashion magazines lying on my bedroom table, just screaming to be read. So that is also one thing I am going to do today. Flipping trough them, looking for inspiration.
It is the small things in life that is most fun.
What is she wearing today?
  • Latex tights. Simply too sexy!
  • T-shirt dress, wearing it inside out. Maybe a new trend is coming, hehe.
  • My blue shirt from the man department on H&M
  • Metal jewelry with a black stone in it.
  • My fake leather jacket from Topshop
  • Old white/brown squared scarf
  • Red nailpolish

lørdag, april 04, 2009

Dressing out: Geek

So this was the last day before easter holiday, and now it is finally here...the ease and quite. I can finally let my sholders down and start breathing. It feels good.

My friend Vigdis and I dressed out today. This time the theme was geek. My outfit was geek with a hint of school girl in it, but it turned out good. Vigdis Andrea's outfit was great! She showed up like a geek too, except she had something that was just too cool. She had taken her white t-shirt and written the Lost numbers on it. How great is that? I forgot to take pictures, but I bet she will were it everyday in the coming weeks, because it was pretty cool.
Have a nice weekend everyone, and for those of you who has easter holiday, have a nice holiday!

The geek...