mandag, september 29, 2008

søndag, september 28, 2008

Marla Singer

Isn't this something Marla could have worn? Beautiful!

lørdag, september 27, 2008

Mini Me

Yesterday I didn't blog because when I got home from school I ate and took a shover. And afterwards I was just going to relax a bit on the bed. So it was done, I fell asleep at
But I can make it up to you by posting some pictures of what I have been wearing this week! I did a little bit of shopping last weekend, so here you see.

torsdag, september 25, 2008

Give me, give me, give me!

This is something I could need right now in these busy hardworking schooldays!
So this is some, of many wants right now!

Miu Miu
Betsey Johnson

tirsdag, september 23, 2008


It is finally here!!! And I have seen it!!! All other things are blown out of my head, I can't think!!!!! (If you have not seen Heroes, I will probably be very mad at you!)

mandag, september 22, 2008

People from the street

Here are some good looking people from the street.
I like when people stick out from the crowd and act and dress different from other people. It makes the world more fun and interesting! It's kind of a cliche, but just think how boring the world would have been if everyone was the same...
Wisdoms word of the day must be: Dare to be different, be a part of making the world more fun!

fredag, september 19, 2008

Finally Weenkend

It feels like ages since the last weekend, but now its finally here! Right now I am listing to The Assassination of Jesse James soundtrack, and I got to tell you its stunning! It is so much feelings in every song. Recommended!

Things that would be nice to have now:

torsdag, september 18, 2008

Some old catwalk pictures

Right now I am soo looking forward to the weekend, I am just going to relax, eat gooood food and watch some movies! Jippiii! The math test is finally over, so now I have time to do other things. Like blogging!

I looked through my computer today,
and found some old pictures that I have collected from sites I don't remember. Models with nice clothes, who I am willing to share with you. I am such a generous person!
Who do not want that jacket! I love the blue colour, it could light up everyone's day!
It looks like a dream, a very good dream! The layers in that dress is just amazing!

Tasty candy if you ask me.

onsdag, september 17, 2008

In the morning hours

I like these ones better than the originals, much more fun with these, emh...things! The originals are annoying!
Now I am going of to Stiklestad with the rest of my class. Maybe I will write a post when I get home, who knows.

tirsdag, september 16, 2008


Now these days my time is given to the beloved mathematics. We have a test on Thursday, hurray!
Yesterday I saw a man who did not know how to read the buslist(don't know what else to call it). It makes me sad that people can't follow the simple changes...but anyway.

Agyness Deyn is very "in the wind" at the moment, so I thought that I would write a post about her. The reason I like her is because she dares to be
different, and that's always cool!(I don't like people who try to be something their not, I can see right through them) She is not afraid to try new things and she is a genius with the mix and match! We will definitely see more of this girl!
Just look at her style, genius!

I want those sunglasses! Supercool!

søndag, september 14, 2008


I surfed the internet a bit today, to look for some inspiration and this is what I found. Some old, and some new catwalk pictures from Betsey Johnson. Love the first dress! It look so farytaleish, makes me dream! The two other girls look like they are dressed up in candy, and we like that very much!=D If anyone would like to buy me one of these outfits I would be the happiest girl in the world! Come on now, don't be shy.