lørdag, februar 28, 2009


So I am kinda wondering about who you guys really are. I visit your blog and read what you write, look at the pictures and comment on you post. But I want to know more, just a couple of things.
I love that you like my blog and comment on it, so I want to get to know my readers a little better.
Here are some questions:

-Who are you? Name, age and were you live?
-In what way did you discover my blog?
-What do you like/don't like about my blog?
-What do you want to see more of?
-What do you like the most/worst in the whole wide world?
-If you could just eat one thing in a whole week, what would it be?

So that is my questions, hope you will answer them.

Doughnut French Toast

After I blogged about food making, some of you asked for recipes on the Doughnut French Toast. I will of course share this with you, because the food gives you enormous pleasure and makes, me at least, very happy! So here it goes.

You need:
-2 eggs
-3 table spoons of milk
-Vanilla sugar
-Strawberry jam

Crack to eggs up in a bowl, put three tablespoons of milk and as much vanilla sugar as you want, and whip the whole thing together. The vanilla sugar makes it taste more like a doughnut, it's delicious! Then you cut up as many peaces of bread that you want, and lay it in the bowl of vanilla sugar, milk and eggs, and just let it soak into the bread. Afterward you just fry it in the pan.
In the end you dip the fried bread in sugar and pour some strawberry jam over it.

This is a very easy dish to make, and it hides a big amount of great pleasure. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or maybe when you need a little extra comfort.

onsdag, februar 25, 2009

3 blogs I recommend

Since there is so many good bloggers out there, and it is hard to choose, but I will try to give you three blogs I recommend.

Weight Of The World
This blog is written in Norwegian and it is great! If you can't read Norwegian you should take a look anyway, lots of nice pictures. The girl, Christine, writes about her daily life and always buts a dash of humor to the posts. Her pictures has good quality, she writes good and her video blogs are just too cute. Check her out!
Hippie Hippie Milkshake
Another Norwegian blog, but this one writes in English. This girl has a great sense of style! Her style is very grunge/rock, and we all love that. She works for a Norwegian fashion magazine called TOPP. She blogs mostly about fashion and gives us often tips about vintage stores and DIY projects.
She knows how to put outfits together, very good!
An Ode To Procrastination
She blogs about fashion and is a girl from the big city, NY. She dressed very cute and take mostly outfit pictures. She answers all the people who comment on her blog, and is very good with the communication. From what I can tell she seem like a cute girl who shows her "cuteness" trough her clothes, and she does it good.

tirsdag, februar 24, 2009

Today I am wearing my boyfriend's old shirt(kinda grunge), my Topshop jeans shorts, my mom's old black shoes, a pair of black tights and my elephant jewel. I especially like the shirt because it's my boyfriends and extremely cool! Feels good to wear.
The last few days I have mostly stayed inside and baked everything you can make with chocolate. Great! I love it. All the yummi chocolate gives me great pleasure, hehe.
Yesterday I made myself a big Nacho serving with lots of cheese, YUM!
And for dessert I made something called Chocopots. It is a cup filled with fluent chocolate, sugar, egg, flour and butter. After you take it out of the oven, and are ready to dive in, you meet something delicious. It has a crispy surface, and underneath it is hot soft chocolate. Even more YUM!

I can only imagen how good this must be to read for you guys out there. But I will make it a bit worse. I will post pictures!

Before: This is when I pour the hot chocolate in the cup.
After: Yummi Chocopost! The dinner, Nachos!

fredag, februar 20, 2009

Yesterday and today

Yesterday I cut my hair and dyed it. I think it looks really good, and I think it will stay this way for a while.
Another thing that happen was that my boyfriend and I, walked home to me today. I walked 2km in my pajamas. I must have looked so funny! But all that mattered was the level of "comfyness".
I have now eaten Doughnut French Toast from Nigella Lawson's recipe. She is a GOD!!
As that was not enough, my boyfriend and I will now make French Croissants.
I LOVE eating!!

onsdag, februar 18, 2009

Sickness, clothes and cake

Haven't been blogging so much lately because of sickness, but I'm getting better each day. Since I have been sick I have had a lot of time to sit at my computer, churching for inspiration. And since I am such a nice person, I will share some of them with you.
These pictures are from Oslo Fashion Week. The clothes are great and there are a lot of nice dressed up people. I was not there(living far away), but then you always have OsloNights.
I would love to walk around with a cake on my head. Genius! I am just finished eating a big fat cheesecake, and I'm feeling really stuffed and really good! God, I can not even begin to tell you have incredible it was making it, and not at least, eating it!

I am tired now...taking with me a good book and going to bed.
Good night everybody!

fredag, februar 13, 2009

Tell a secret

Every now and then, I take a look at this page to read others secrets. You find a lot of funny, scary and sad things, but it's nice though. If you don't have anyone to confess to, or just want to share, you can tell everybody here.
If you haven't seen the blog PostSecret before, you should have a look.

So how am I doing today? Well, I'm still a little sick, but slowly getting better. Baby steps.
Hurray!! The winter break is also here, finally! I am going to sleep a LOT and have fun.

These are three funny ones I found today...

onsdag, februar 11, 2009


Status: Kinda sick

It is not going to be any blogging before the weekend. I'm not feeling so good.
See you guys when the weekend comes.

søndag, februar 08, 2009

Chemical burn

Yet again I found some inspiration. This time from Thecobrasnake. When I find inspiration like these for example, I get inspired to draw, new ideas for clothes, music etc. I can also be inspired through the weirdest things and get the strangest ideas.
I love being creative, it gives me energy and joy!
Now I'm going to brush my teeth, crawl under my warm quilt and read my book. Good night all you people out there...

lørdag, februar 07, 2009

It's finally here!! Part 2

My Retro Casio gold watch came here the other day!! I think I'm in love, hehe! I love it and can't stop staring at it. Thank God for Ebay.

Today I'm happy, I feel good and my boyfriend plays the guitar.
I will write a longer post later today, so stay tuned!

onsdag, februar 04, 2009

I sure love those ripped tights

Right now I have a lot to do. The schoolwork never ends and I have tons of tests to prepare for. So this post is going to be a little short, I think you will survive though.
But since I have such nice readers I will give you a bonus! Some pictures of me with my super cool ripped tights, love it!
Now I am going back to practice on my math test.
See you soon!

søndag, februar 01, 2009

Paint in paint

Paint is actually pretty funny. I had a little fun last night, and I made these. You can be creative in every strange way.

Now I'm going to do some more homework (it never stops) and maybe go early to bed.


I have been trying to make a picture in Photoshop for the last two hours, but that didn't work. I almost threw my computer against my wall, a bit angry. Now I will eat a pack of Smash (as usual) and watch Burn After Reading.

Sorry for bad pictures. Don't blame me, blame the camera!
I've been wearing this lately...