fredag, januar 30, 2009

It's finally here!! Part 1

I got them, I finally got them! After one short week of patient waiting, they finally arrived. My pair of black geek glasses from Ebay. They are absolutely adorable. I've been walking around all day, more joyful than all the others.

onsdag, januar 28, 2009

Not acording to the plan...

So the plan was to post some pictures that I have taken myself, but that didn't happen. My camera won't cooperate with me. So instead I am posting some funny picture of miss Aggy. I get in a good mood by looking at them, and they are kind of inspiriting. What do you guys think of her?
I will try to get to an agreement with my camera and then post some picture, we'll see. I have a feeling it will happen on Friday. It all depends on the camera.
And one more thing..I have tons, TONS of schoolwork to do!

Good night, "so long and thanks for all the fish!"

mandag, januar 26, 2009

Ice cream

I just love this ice cream, and it has finally come to Norway! It's a little expensive, but it's worth it, I promise.
In a while back, my class and I were on a field trip. It was cold, -10*C. But that did not stop my friend Vigdis Andrea and I to buy some ice cream. Ben&Jerry's Vanilla Toffiee Crunch,JAMJAM! We used an whole hour on it and it was freezing, but worth it. The only bad thing was that Vigdis Andrea got a cold afterwards, hehe.

lørdag, januar 24, 2009

Since last time

In the last 72 hours I have:

-Watched season 5 premiere of Lost!! My head is still spinning.
-Watched Shas see Lost.
-Started reading the comic book Watchmen, supercool!
-Receiving my grades.
-Slept, slept,slept.
-Found a dress for the school winter ball.
-Seen Wanted starring Angelina Jolie. Funny movie, but there is Angelina though.
-Seen a incredible cool movie on premiere: The Spirit!!
It's wonderful art on the movie screen. The women, the Spirit, the colours, everything.
"The Octopus always find his nemesis so distracting."

If you go to and see the second trailer there, it's better.

tirsdag, januar 20, 2009

I recommend

I thought I would recommend one book, one film and one artist for you guys today.
Let see...

Book: The secret.
I bet you all have heard about it, and that you have an opinion on it. I know there are people out there who are very negative towards this book. I'm not.
It is a book about how to get the things you want in life. It could really be anything. Happiness, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, money, house, you name it! It tells you what The Secret is, and how you can use it. There are many stories in the book of people who have used it in their life, and that it actually works.
I think the book is very convincing and very good. I have used it myself and I know some of my friends have used it too. I can understand that people can be a little suspicious, but what do you have to lose? You could just try it.

Film: Mulholland Drive.
This film is amazing! If you like weird(and then I mean weird)films, you should really watch this one. I can not even begin to explain it, you just have to see it. It's the brilliant David Lynch who has written it. When he is doing it, you know it can be a little bizarre.
The first time I watched I did not understand a thing. I thought to myself afterwards: "What did I just see?!" But after a while I think I understood it.
David Lynch have said that this was the movie he always wanted to make. And that he is going to take the meaning of the film with him in the grave. So probably, we will never know the answer either.
Watch it, I mean it!

Artist: Lenny Kravitz.
I don't have to say anything more.

søndag, januar 18, 2009

Durex get it on

I just had to show you this movie! It's hilarious, and a little cute. Remember this kids!

A really nice day

I invited my boyfriend to a date today. I cleaned the house, made dinner and lit candles. We ate, watched American Beauty and talked about all, and nothing. It was super nice! Now we are just enjoying life. It's soo good to just relax, enjoy the moment, not think about anything, and really appreciate life. It is one of those moments you know...
I hope your life is not passing by you, without you noticing it. It would be a shame because, despite all the bad things that can happen, it's really beautiful.

What are you guys doing tonight? I hope you all are well.

lørdag, januar 17, 2009

Girls girls, all types of girls

I'm really tired right now, so I'm going to bed. But I will write a longer post tomorrow. This is some(of sooo many things)that inspirer's me.
I think I will take one of my jeans and go mad with the scissors. Or maybe get a t-shirt with a pair of tits on...
Hope you all are well, and have a happy weekend!

torsdag, januar 15, 2009

Purple haze

I bought this lovely top for only 50kr/7$ on Cubus. It has a really nice deep purple colour, and it has an open back. Love love!

onsdag, januar 14, 2009


So there is one thing I don't understand, and that's why people don't watch Lost! I can't even remember how many people who have said that they only watched the first season, and after that "it became so boring." What's wrong with the world??
I watched the first season and thought: "This is something strange, and I like it." I kept watching it and didn't think it could get anymore exiting...and then season 3 and 4 came! Things became more and more confusing, but also, more and more GREAT! We get more answers, but also a lot more mysterious questions.
I can except that people don't like it because they simply don't like it, but I can't except that people say it's boring when they don't understand it. If you haven't seen every episode, were you have come too, you don't understand it. You can't just see episode 3, and then watch episode 5. It doesn't work like that. I just get really frustrated some times over curtain people.

So those of you who have not seen it, or don't understand it...please watch the whole thing. It is the best series ever!!

mandag, januar 12, 2009

søndag, januar 11, 2009

18 things you don't know about me

  • Tomorrow I'm starting on a new subject. Going from physics to social anthropology.
  • I'm a very emotional person.
  • Summer is my favorite time of the year.
  • I love movies, music, books, drawing and food. More than most others.
  • Lost is my favorite TV-series.
  • I am satisfied with my body.
  • My weight goes up when I don't eat candy, but when I do, it goes down. (It's true!)
  • I have had the same cellphone for over three years.
  • I have had braces, haha!
  • I love to travel.
  • My boyfriend is a nerd, and I love him.
  • I have seen the movie Blood Diamond, and I have never laughed so hard in my whole life...yes I am embarrassed.
  • One time my friend, my boyfriend and I, ate 3kg of food.
  • I like to read comic books.
  • True happiness is the best thing in the world.
  • I talk, a LOT!
  • I love to help people.
  • I hate homophobes and racists.

Tired nerd

So I am finally finished with my English analysis on the book Angels and Demons. My head feels like cotton, its a wonder that I am even writing more as we speak. You want to know how long i was? Ok...7 pages...7 PAGES!!? I must be insane, or something like that. I sat for 6 hours just writing my brains out. I couldn't stop, I think I am obsessed...and really tired.
When I see this tomorrow, I will be thinking something like this: "What was I thinking, I seem like a mad woman." But you just heard my excuse.
Now I am going to take a shower, eat one pack of Smash and 2 packs of French Fries. Looking forward to it!
Now I am going to the shower, good night everybody.

Here you see me before I started my six hour long journey, looking much more fresh than I do now. Haha, you would have laughed so much if were to see me right now.

mandag, januar 05, 2009

Polaroid camera?

I am looking for a Polaroid 600 camera. I think the pictures are awesome and very nostalgic, I would love to own one. So the big question is: Is there anybody out there who wants to sell me a Polaroid 600 camera? If so, please let me know in a comment.
I know you can get one on Ebay, but I am a little short of cash right now. And it will cost me a little with VAT and customs.
I have asked everyone but no one has one, and this is my last solution for the moment.

fredag, januar 02, 2009

DIY mini project

I have finally ripped some of my clothes, it's fun! I tried it on some of my old clothes. My t-shirts became tanktops and my jeans became shorter.
I ripped them all, I am hooked. It think they turned out quite well.

My old t-shirt. Now full of holes, very cool!

My old rainbow t-shirt. Deeper(I am not sure what it is called) plunge front and I sewed on a strange pattern. Looking cool.
My now, short ripped pants. I will work a little bit more on that one.