tirsdag, desember 30, 2008

My beautiful findings

These nice findings I bought yesterday, I'm very pleased!
If you have very bad eyesight, the things you see belove is:
-Long cardigan with wide arms
-Blue Chinos
-Winered sweater, a little schoolish
-Sin City-The Hard Goodbye. (Yes, I am a little geeky)
-Twilight(I'm starting on it tonight)
-Domino(Love it! Keira Knightley, Mickey Rourke, and "Choco"
-American Beauty(A VERY good movie)
-Man inspired shoes
-Mineral Foundation(Body Shop)

mandag, desember 29, 2008

Colour tights, schissors and shopping

I went on a little shopping trip today with my boyfriend. It was very fun and I found a lot of nice stuff, I also used some of my giftcards. I will show you the findings tomorrow. I slept 3 hours tonight, so I am a little too tired now. Hehe...
And by the way, this is what I wore. I took some of the pictures when I was shopping and the other ones is taken on my bathroom. Oh, the glamor...

torsdag, desember 25, 2008

Christmas, food, christmastv and beutiful gifts

This Christmas as so many others I have eaten good food, like ribbe, ginger snap, Christmas soda, candy(!), marzipan and good Christmas breakfast! I have also watched Three nuts for Cinderella, Tante Pose and Reisen til julestjernen. The Christmas feeling is not there before I have watched it! It was so nice with the beautiful Christmas tree and all the gifts.
I got a lot of nice things this year also, very happy!

This is me on Christmas eve.
Along all the candy in my Christmas hose, was this little feller. Its a pig from Franske Nytelser, made of meringue. Cute!

From my boyfriend I got this very nice drawing set, and one of the best movies I know, Batman The Dark Knight!! I can't wait to get started to be a artistic weirdo. And I have Batman, so now all is fine. Thank you, you are the best! I love the gifts you give me!From my mom I got three lovely books. Veronica Decides to Die, 11 Minutes and Eat Pray Love.
I love all these books, one of the best I must say.

Here is it all. Underwear, the pig, magazines, money, giftcards, DVDs, candles, books, candy, nightwear, drawing set etc. From my good friend I got the Trainspotting book(great movie, and I am sure the book is as good!), a smashing DVD and cute sleepwear with cupcakes on! Giftcards and candles from my relatives and my mother.

mandag, desember 22, 2008

Some inspiration for the people

That stone washed jumpsuit is amazing, me want bad!
Haha, I have read that book. But still, a cool t-shirt.

fredag, desember 19, 2008

New NICE stuff!!

I went into town yesterday to buy the last Christmasgifts. So now I am finally finished, JAY!! But I also bought two nice things to myself, for ONLY 45Kr/6.38$!! When I saw and bought this book(20kr/2.84$), I was so happy!! I love the film, and can't wait until I start reading the book.
And the pants(25kr/3.54$) are really grunge-ish/comfy/cool and lovable!

The Christmas holliday is finally here! Looking forward to relax, seems like ages.

onsdag, desember 17, 2008

Clothes and ginger snap house, that's fun!

So I'm kinda bringing the 80s back. Big white shirt and denim skirt. The necklace i got in my calendar, it's very cute and shiny!

My family, my boyfriend and I have decorated the ginger snap house today. we had a lot of fun. My boyfriend and I made a little twist to our side. I think it turned out really good! It looks like a crashed partyhouse, or something like that...
See for yourselves.

mandag, desember 15, 2008

søndag, desember 14, 2008

Ginger snaps and Christmas songs

Today my family, my boyfriend and I have baked ginger snap and listened to Christmas songs. It has been fun. I really feel that Christmas is coming. I have also studied for my term test in math and that haven't been all fun, but it is over on Monday. After that I can almost begin my vacation. And now I am jumping to bed. Good night!

mandag, desember 08, 2008

Scanning is fun