onsdag, januar 14, 2009


So there is one thing I don't understand, and that's why people don't watch Lost! I can't even remember how many people who have said that they only watched the first season, and after that "it became so boring." What's wrong with the world??
I watched the first season and thought: "This is something strange, and I like it." I kept watching it and didn't think it could get anymore exiting...and then season 3 and 4 came! Things became more and more confusing, but also, more and more GREAT! We get more answers, but also a lot more mysterious questions.
I can except that people don't like it because they simply don't like it, but I can't except that people say it's boring when they don't understand it. If you haven't seen every episode, were you have come too, you don't understand it. You can't just see episode 3, and then watch episode 5. It doesn't work like that. I just get really frustrated some times over curtain people.

So those of you who have not seen it, or don't understand it...please watch the whole thing. It is the best series ever!!

5 kommentarer:

Kristine sa...

jeg elsker lost jeg :-)

Ula sa...

I watched 1,2,3 and some episodes from the 4th season;)

Vigdis Andrea sa...

HEAR, HEAR!! I hill thy LOST-series. Okey. Bad attempt to write old English:P

Kari sa...

Jeg har faktisk ikke sett en eneste episode av Lost.

Silje sa...

Kristine: Å, så bra å høre at det fins andre der ute, hehe!=D
Ula: You liked it? ou should watch more you know!
Vigdis Andrea: Hehe, HEAR HEAR!=D
Kari: Da har du litt å gjøre fremover. Det er så bra!=D