søndag, februar 08, 2009

Chemical burn

Yet again I found some inspiration. This time from Thecobrasnake. When I find inspiration like these for example, I get inspired to draw, new ideas for clothes, music etc. I can also be inspired through the weirdest things and get the strangest ideas.
I love being creative, it gives me energy and joy!
Now I'm going to brush my teeth, crawl under my warm quilt and read my book. Good night all you people out there...

19 kommentarer:

net sa...

i agree 100%

closeup sa...

I just adore pic 1 and 2!! great!

Monkey sa...

Jeg elsker inspirasjon :D Det nederste bildet var kult, LEGO-t-skjorte :D

Vigdis Andrea sa...

Finally I'm well again. I haven't been on my computer in AGES!! But now I'm here, and I see that you've gotten your watch! Yeahy! I like it. It kind of reminds me of my grandparents, I remember them wearing something similar. Cool!

BTW: I thought the last picture was really cool. I wouldn't have thought of wearing something like that, but it was actually really cool! (okay now I'm using the word cool a lot, I think I might find me a English-English dictionary to find some new words)

Vigdis Andrea sa...

PS. Now you can see what I do on Paint:P

kaitlyn sa...

OMG!!! the alice in wonderland legs are me!!! hahaha. how funny. i love your blog!!


yiqin; sa...


Anonym sa...

Number 2=LOVE

Kyss på deg!

A.Wookie sa...

æææ, Picture nr. two.. I would love to steal! Loved it:D

ingunn sa...

elsker 1. bildet§

Karoline sa...

Love på nr 2<3

Matt Rowley sa...

oooh I need that LEGO jumper!

HoneyBunny sa...

the pics are great! I love being creative and I love creative people:DDD :*

La Couturier sa...

i love the cobra snake's photos! they're so fun & inspirational!

La C.

Krystal sa...

haha, love these!

Anonym sa...

Så kule bilder!

Kristine sa...

de to første bildene var dødsfine!

Anonym sa...

Hihi jeg vil ha en LEGO tee=D

Silje sa...

Net: =)
Closeup: Hehe, thank you!
Monkey: Jeg vet, den er så tøff!=D
Vigdis Andrea: Hehe, welcome back girl!=P I love my watch!<3 Coolcool!
Kaitlyn: You're kidding?!=D What are the chances for that?=D I will visit you blog when I get well, and I'm going to leave you a comment!=)
Yiqin: ME TOO!
Amie: Sender slengkyss tilbake!
A.Wookie: You could just ask the girl who commented this blogpost(Kaitlyn) because it is her. Funny right!=P
Ingunn: Jeg også. Koselig med store gensere og polaroidkamera.
Karoline: Lovelove!
Matt Rowley: Me too boy!=D
HoneyBunny: Creative people is the best!
La Couturier: I know. I check him out every week!=D
Krystal: Thanks!
Hannastrang: Takker!=)
Kristine: Jeg vet, nydelige.
Stylebym: Jeg også, hehe!=P