mandag, april 20, 2009

Busy sunshine

I have a big mock exam in mathematics in a couple of days, so I know you can understand my absence. I have just been practicing for the last few days. It is really crazy at school now...all the tests and mock exams.
But anyway, here's todays outfit. The main key at the moment is comfort.


When the weekend come I will make a post and answer all you questions.
So don't forget to ask a lot of questions! (See below)

34 kommentarer:

yiqin; sa...

Sheer tights <3 They look really good on you

Marta sa...

matte er stess..:S

Toggy sa...

Litt sent kanskje, men: Hva slags musikk hører du på?

Anonym sa...

i really love socks lately! cute!

Enep sa...

I love yellow :3 and I love loose t-shirt. so yeah, I love your top!
anyway, good luck on your exam :--D

Toggy sa...

SV: Ja, det er det. ^^

pigpoopi sa...

ooh so cute x3

Julie/Bobeep sa...

uuu prøver suger!
jeg føler med deg :/

It's Aggy bitch! sa...

kjempe fin topp/kjole :D digget fargen!

karianne M sa...

fint antrekk! :P

Anonym sa...

skikkelig flott outfit! me likes!

Anonym sa...

I really like your outfit, but I think it wouls have been to cold for me to wear right now:S

Yeah! Engelsk heldagsn e færdi:D:D:D:D

Ooo. Btw, I'm a little pissedat you right now. After you showed the video of JohnnyDurham19 I've been totally addicted to him and his fellow vloggers. Aaah! I just can't get enough, I just can't get enough.

Unrealized Fish sa...

liker sokkene

HoneyBunny sa...

Looking great, dear! Love that top:) and the socks<3

Nina sa...

Du var kjempe søt :D
likte bloggen!

utveksle linker ?

Frock Around the Clock sa...

I love the colour of your top! Good luck with the exam! :) x

AlexandraEi sa...

Så søt du var på håret!:D

Emz sa...

Love it =) Good luck your exam. I'm probably going to be AWOL soon too haha. whoopee math and econ!

Maverick Malone sa...

I love the tights!! And the yellow dress/shirt...very cute. I like black and yellow together a lot.

xox, mavi

Penelope sa...

Love your comfy hoodie:D

Tons of luck for your math mock paper! I'm sure you'd do well:D

As for the question;
If you could live the life of someone (dead or alive) for a day; who would you choose?:D

Austere sa...

I like the jaccket and top together. Nice contrast.

Kari sa...

- Hvem og hva er det du setter høyest?
- Hva mener du om Norge i dag?

Eeli sa...

Good GOOG GOOOOOOOD luck on those mocks. Don't stress too much okies? hehehe

Oh and since I didn't write a ques I'd like to ask it here.

What would you prefer to eat on toast. Vegemite or Marmite? You can only choose one or the other and 'NO' is not an option lol.

Weird but I'd like to know! hahaha


La Couturier sa...

Adorable tee!

La C.

kaitlyn sa...

you look so cozy!

Enep sa...

tagged! :--D

Rand sa...

i lovee the yellow on you

Marian sa...

hope your exam went well.
loving the pale yellow t-shirt.
muah x

Bjørg Kristin sa...

så fin outfit da :)

har spørsmålsrunde på bloggen min denne helgen, hadde blitt kjempe glad for spørsmål :D
god helg<3

Silje sa...

Yiqin: Thanks, I like them very much too!
Marta: O'yes!=P
Toggy: Jepp, den kommer med vetty!=)
Sarah: I know, it's great!=D
Enep: Hehe, thank you girl!=D I think I need it!=P
Pigpoopi: Thanks thanks!
Julie/Boobeep: Hehe, jeg vet. Takk skal du ha!=D
It's Aggy Bitch: Jepp, bringer sommeren inn vettu!=)
Karianne M: Takk!
Marterenee: Takker, er sommerlig vettu!=)
MeetVigdis: You know, I wear dress all year around. Even in the winter I don't freez.
But he is a geniuse!=D You are sooo adicted girl!=P
Unrealized Fish: Jepp, mange ting man kan gjøre med tennissokker!=)
HoneyBunny: Thanks hon! I like the socks espcially too!=P
Nina: Takk for skryt!=) Ja, det kan vi godt!=)
Frock Around The Clock: Sunny! And thanks!=)
AlexandraEi: Takk skal du ha!=)
Emz: Hehe, is'nt life great!=P
Maverick Malone: Me too. It usually work well togheter!=)
Penelope: Thank you for support, really!=) I will try to answer your question.
Austere: Thanks sweetie!=)
Eeli: I appreciate the supporting thought, and I will try to not stress too much, but it is not easy!=)Thanks for question too!=D
La Couturier: Thanks!=)
Kaitlyn: Hehe, thanks! I feel that way too!=)
Enep: Oh, thanks!=D I like to be tagged!=) I will try to take on the challange in the weekend or next week!=)
Rand: Thanks!=) Maybe I sould buy some more!=D
Marian: I'm just glad it is over and thank you for sweet comment!=)
Bjørg Kristin: Takk!=) Skal stikke innom!=)

Marie sa...

herlig outfit da :-D

Silje sa...

Marie: Takk!=)

Tatiana Nguyen sa...

this is awesome! socks over stockings!

Silje sa...

Tatiana: I think so too, and so comfortable!=)