torsdag, mai 21, 2009


This is what I am wearing today(and last night, while dancing)
This is what the weather looks like today
This is what I'm listening to right now
This is my inspiration in this second, but in the next second, it will be something completly different
This is what I want right now
But this would do just fine too
But now I am goint out in the sun. See you later guys!
Photos: Private, OsloNights, TheCobrasnake

25 kommentarer:

yiqin; sa...

OMG I have always wanted my ice cream to be stacked like that cause one scoop is NEVER enough.

Hanne sa...

For et herlig innlegg, mye godt på slutten der:)

Marta sa...

oh, så nydelig vær!

Penelope sa...

Love the girl with the AWESOME Artic Monkey cropped top!

Wes. sa...

fun post! cs has always inspiring pictures

Rebecca sa...

love this post! and all the photosxx

Victoria-H sa...

Thanks sweetie :)
Good selsection of pictures :)

Eeli sa...

haha so cute you are! You look adorable. What sort of dance do you do? Yes choco cake and icecream are sounding delish right now but my tummy is grumbling so anything would do! haha

Hope you've been well hun. Its been a while :(


Twobreadsplease sa...

Love your shirt! And I really want chocolate cake nowww.

bernard sa...

u suck

AlexandraEi sa...

Den isen fristet!

Anonym sa...

love the inspiration photos <3<3

Frock Around the Clock sa...

Now I want cake and ice cream too. I wish the weather was like that here - it just won't stop raining! :) x

MONKEY sa...

Herlig :D <3 Kos deg ute!

Anonym sa...

i've been eating lots of ice cream lately, it makes me very happy! think i will have some now actually... hope you got some too!

Atle sa...

Digger stilen og bloggen din mega much !! :D

Christine sa...

fin post :)
og, kult antrekk!

Bjørg Kristin sa...

Nam, digg is:D

Rand sa...

love the green shirt

Anonym sa...

den isen vil jeg ha :p

Emz sa...

I love your tights and omgosh CHOCOLATE CAKE PRETTY PLEASE!

Silje sa...

Yiqin: I know! There could never be enough ice cream!=D
Hanna: Takk skal du ha!=) Jepp, godis!=D
Marta: Herlig at sommeren er på vei!=)
Penelope: She looks really hot!=D
Wes: Thanks!=) I agree, cool man, cool pictures!=)
Rebecca: Hehe, thanks doll!=)
Victoria-H: Thanks!=)
Eeli: Aw, thanks girl!=) Hehe, dancing the night away you know!=P No special dance, I do it all!=D Yummi, ice cream and cake!=D Thanks, I hope you are well too doll!=)
Twobreadsplease: Thanks!=D I always want cake!=D
Bernard: Hmm, I can only say the same about you.
AlexandraEi: Hehe, ja ikke sant!=D
Linnea: Me too girl!=)
Frock Around The Clock: Just hope for the best!=) But there is fun things to do when it raining outside too!=D
Monkey: Hehe, takker!=)
Sarah: You can never get enough ice cream you know!=D Love it!=D
Atle: Åå, takk for skryt!=D Det er alltid så koselig!=)
Christine: Takk og takk!=D
Bjørg Kristin: Jepp!=D
Rand: Thanks hon!=)
Graceisabell: Me too!=D
Emz: Thanks!=D Hehe, I KNOW!!=D I need it soooo bad too!=D

miky sa...

love many of this photos!!

Silje sa...

Miky: Thanks!=D

Taru Tuomi sa...

mmm ice cream