søndag, juni 28, 2009

I recommend # 2

Little Children:
This is a beautiful movie, which will really move you. It has all the elements in it. Drama, tragic, and a little humor.
It is a story of a man named Brad. He is married with his beautiful ambitiouse wife Kathy. He has also failed his law exam twice. He loves his little son and they spend the days together by the playground, having fun.
The other main character is Sarah. She is married to Richard and do not have a very interesting life.She goes to the playground with her daughter as well. She spends the day with a couple of housemothers from the same block, just to make the day go faster.
One day these to people meet, and starts a relationship filled with passion, erotic fantasies and love. They both want to fill that empty space in their life, and they both have a dream to live life to the full.

I am not the kind of person who likes comedies, very often I hate them. But once on a while you find a good one, and this one is great! You just can't stop laughing.
Three friends named Seth, Evan and Fogel AKA McLovin just want one thing before they go to collage, to loose their virginity. And to make this happend they need lots of alcohol, fake IDs and some condoms. They start and incredible journey togheter filled with tons of humor and quite a bit of action. On their way they meet two cops who makes the whole thing a little more interesting.
If you want to laugh your brains out, you should watch this!

American Beauty:
Lester and Carolyn Burnham. A rich couple who looks normal to everybody, but most definitly is not. As time slowly goes by, their marrige is slowly falling apart. Lester one day meets his daugther's beautiful friend Angela, and from that moment on, he can not think of anything else. This is a weird perverse movie filled with beautiful and strange scenes. This movie is also funny, but not in an obviouse way. But you will most definitly enjoy it. The actors make an incredible preformance! It is a reason that it won 5 Oscars and was named "The best movie of the year" by 65 film critics. It is really one of the best!

68 kommentarer:

Hanne sa...

Jeg fikk veldig lyst til å se "Little children":)

Twobreadsplease sa...

Little Children and American Beauty are some of my favourite films. x

Bjørg Kristin sa...

De filmene er brææ :D

ingunn sa...

alt med kate winslet er verdt å se! superbad er show!

La Couturier sa...

At your suggestions I will watch these (:

La C.

maverickandlove sa...

anything with kate winslet is great she is so talented! and i loved superbad, one of my top ten favorite movies!

Damsels sa...

ilvoe Little children!!1
We Were Damsels

Victoria-H sa...

Havet är underbart ! ;)
Fun post!

Tom sa...

Superbad var kul :)

Maverick Malone sa...

Hmm, never heard of Little CHildren. I'll have to see it :)

Superbad, on the other hand, that's hilarious.

xox, mavi

Rebecca sa...

the first film sounds really good i love kate winslet

Marian sa...

Little children sounds amazing, thank youf or this review honey. I will look out for it.
muah x

OxfordWoopii sa...

yeah gril! you go! these movies are great baby! lovem too!:D You write very good!!

love from Oxford!:D

Neira sa...

I agree! I love these movies, especially little children!
such a moving movie, I really had to keep on thinking about it after

signe raveendra sa...

ahhr superbad er så morsom!!

HEK sa...

Little children må jeg se tror jeg, digger både Kate og Jennifer. Takk for tipset;)

「 Thy Lady 」 sa...

Okay! All I can say is.. You have the best taste in movies! Little Children & American Beauty are a few of my all time favourite films! I do recommend them as well! :P

but I haven't seen Superbad though! must check that one out!

「 Thy Lady 」 sa...

P.S. I've added you to my blog list xo


Kari sa...

Superbad er bare kjempemorsom!

karl's sweet child sa...

superbad is super hilarious!!

hugabug sa...

American Beauty er en klassiker! Little Children har jeg aldri hort om foer. Kanskje jeg skal sjekke det ut, naar jeg kommer tilbake til Norge?

Mariiit sa...

Superbad er kjempe morsom :D:D Anbefaler PS. I love you, veeldig søt film:D

Rand sa...

love superbad

yiqin; sa...

Ahh love kate ;)

Monkey sa...

Takk for tips! Jeg sjekket titlene opp på imdb.com og de så bra ut og har i tillegg fått bra rating. Har veldig lyst å se Superbad, så tror jeg skal se den snart :D

Anonym sa...

You just added a bunch of movies to my "to watch" list, so thank you!

Silje sa...

Hanne: det bør du, den er kjempe fin!=)
Twobreadsplease: Me too!=D
Bjørg Kristin: Enig der ja!=)
Ingunn: Winslet er kjempe bra, virkelig dyktig!=)
La Couturier: aw, thanks!=)
Maverickandlove: Kate is so good i know!=) Superbad makes me laugh so bad!=D
Damsels: Me too girl!!=D
Victoria-H: Takk!=)
Tom: Hehe, den er så morsom at jeg holder på å tisse på meg når jeg ser den!=D
Maverick Malone: Two very good movies!=D
Rebecca: You should really see it, I think it is amazing!=)
Marian: Yes, tell me what you think then hon!=)
OxfordWoopii: Thanks darling!=) Love from Norway!=)
Neira: I know!=) It also has all the elements that a good movie needs!=)
signe Reveendra: Haha, jeg veet!=D
HEK: Den er absolutt verd det!=)
Thy Lady: Thanks!=D So fun to hear that I have something in common with other people!=) Cool, thanks!=)
Kari: Hehe, du ler en gooood del ja!=D
Karl's sweet child: I know!=D
Hugabug: Det bør du virkelig!=) Den er veldig bra!=)
Mariiit: Hehe, vi har noe til felles da!=) Liker egentlig ikke romantiske filmer!=P Men bare kom med flere tips!=)
Rand: Me too girl!=D
Yiqin: Me too!=) She is so talented!=)
Monkey: Alle tre filmene er super brae, så du har en god filmkveld i vente!=)
Something Picasso: Your walcome, the pleasure is mine!=)

Maiken N. Ohr sa...

Takk for anbefalinger. Nå har jeg noe å se på når jeg ligger syk i senga mi :P

prettyneons sa...

come back!!!!!!!please I miss your lovely posts :(

PeAce & BoWs...
prettyneons X

Anonym sa...

hvorfor ikke:)

Anonym sa...


Monkey sa...

Where are you?!

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