søndag, juni 14, 2009

Rain down on me

It is raining outside, bummer. But I hope the weather changes tomorrow, because my plans are to walk outside in shorts. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Today I did a little mini DIY project with one of my tank tops, turned out pretty cool. I will give you a hint: It has something to do with a TV series. In one episode they said "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" Can you guess what I am thinking about?

So this is why I am hoping for the sun tomorrow:
Square shirt: Mom's old
Big white shorts: Secondhand

14 kommentarer:

Eeli sa...

haha yeah it HAS been a while. TOO much of a while lol. I have no clue about the DIY project but am intrigued beyond what is necessary. Shadows eh? Hmmmmm ;)

La Couturier sa...

Love the button up!

La C.

wasted attitude sa...

Håper på sol jeg åå! :D Det hadde vært herlig, jeg har kjøpt masse sommerklær! :D

Herlig outfit, er alltid herlig og stjele klær fra de andre i huset!

Victoria-H sa...

I agree ! :) Certainly interesting, if not ;)
You look cute!

Damsels sa...

no idea on the guessing
cant wait to see it tho

Rand sa...

gossip girl?hahah dunno!

Bjørg Kristin sa...

det er sol her :D kjipt at det regner der da :/

Silje sa...

Eeli: Glad you are back though!=) Now, you can take a look!=D
La Couturier: Thanks hon!=)
Wasted Attitude: Ja, man lenkter etter å bruke de!=) Hehe, må si jeg gjør det titt og ofte!=D
Victoria-H: Thanks!=D
Damsels: Here you go!=D
Rand: Nope, sorry!=P I don't watch GG, I think it is a little dumb. No affenct, just my opinion!=P
Bjørg Kristin: Ja..håper den glade sola kommer tilbake snart da!=P

「 Thy Lady 」 sa...

Awhhh! Cute :P

Silje sa...

The Lady: Thanks hon!=)

Toni Tones sa...

awww 2 cute x

Silje sa...

Toni Tones: Thanks doll!=)

Emily sa...

cute x

Anonym sa...