tirsdag, februar 24, 2009

Today I am wearing my boyfriend's old shirt(kinda grunge), my Topshop jeans shorts, my mom's old black shoes, a pair of black tights and my elephant jewel. I especially like the shirt because it's my boyfriends and extremely cool! Feels good to wear.
The last few days I have mostly stayed inside and baked everything you can make with chocolate. Great! I love it. All the yummi chocolate gives me great pleasure, hehe.
Yesterday I made myself a big Nacho serving with lots of cheese, YUM!
And for dessert I made something called Chocopots. It is a cup filled with fluent chocolate, sugar, egg, flour and butter. After you take it out of the oven, and are ready to dive in, you meet something delicious. It has a crispy surface, and underneath it is hot soft chocolate. Even more YUM!

I can only imagen how good this must be to read for you guys out there. But I will make it a bit worse. I will post pictures!

Before: This is when I pour the hot chocolate in the cup.
After: Yummi Chocopost! The dinner, Nachos!

15 kommentarer:

Julie/Bobeep sa...

whoa :o
that looks very good, gotta make that instantly!

And you look fabolous as always^^
love the shorts.

A.Wookie sa...

Your new hair looks good:D And like the outfit!

Dvergpingvin sa...


closeup sa...

yummy yummy yuuummy yuuuuuummmy!! I wanna eat that chocolate thingii.. it looks unbelievable delicious!!

Ula sa...

I like this shirt:)
Chocopots and nachos...mmmmmm;D

HoneyBunny sa...

you look great:)
I can;t watch that chocolate..awww...I get hungry:D

emilie m sa...

omg that look so tasty! :)

ringfrid sa...

Å det der så kjempegodt ut. Kan du lage sånn hjemme hos oss også?

Silje sa...

Julie/Bobeep: Yes you do! So nice to hear that, thank you!=)
A.Wookie: Thank you so much!=)
Dverpingvin: Yum!
Closeup: YUMYYY!!=D It is, I promise you!=D
Ula: There very good things!=D
HoneyBunny: Thanks!=) When you are hungry you eat, eat this!=D
Emilie: It is sooo tasty, I tell you!=)
Ringfrid: Hehe, det er ikke noe problem!=) Jeg kan lage de når som helst fordi de er utrolig gode og kjempe lette å lage!=)

Lise sa...

Nydelig kjede - hvor er det fra?

karianne M sa...

slik smykke har jeg og!! Love it :P

Silje sa...

Lise: Hvis jeg ikke husker helt feil så er det fra Lindex!=)
KarianneM: Jupp, det er kjempe tøft!=D

karenjo sa...

takk for bloggtips:) christine er rå!

Silje sa...

Karenjo: Ingen årsak og takk!=D

Juliana sa...

Åh. Du må fortelle meg hvordan du lager sånne cupcakes.. De så kjempegode ut:)